Is 2018 the Year to Change the Ending?

Is 2018 the Year to Change the Ending?

About this business of yours, has this year:

  • surpassed expectations? well on the way to building an asset to sell
  • done alright? hit milestones as foreseen
  • plateaued? nothing much happened
  • nose dived? a shocking year, be glad when it’s over

Whatever the answer is, was it good enough for what you wanted to achieve?
If yes, well done you – carry on! If not, what’s going to make 2018 any different?

Maybe it’s worth working out what the business is worth first, in today’s market, and then making decisions accordingly. Having appraised over 150+ businesses this year alone, I can work with you to ascertain the value first, and then work out next steps…

Think of it as my Christmas present to you! Ho Ho Ho
Email me to arrange.

I want to genuinely help you GET OUT of your business, as my Birthday gift to you…

I want to genuinely help you GET OUT of your business, as my Birthday gift to you…

Hip hip hooray!

If you have being having serious doubts about how you can continue with your business (for whatever reasons), then please let me help. 

The Happy NewS Year is a month in and maybe your business is not or will not be performing as intended. And that sinking feeling is slowly but surely setting in…


Talk to me. 

Let’s go through what you have and work out what your options are. This is gift to you, you only have to ask. 

Completely confidently. 

Make contact via the various ways noted on the site or email me at

Don’t be shy. Don’t be proud. Don’t stick your head in the sand. We’ll just start by talking. Truly… 

Hip hip hooray!

Travel can provoke the need to Change…

Travel can provoke the need to Change…


Travel is one of the best things for clearing your mind and really being able to concentrate on what makes your heart sing. By default, in doing so can also upset the current apple cart, specifically if you realise that what you’re doing is not cutting it, i.e. it’s time for a change.

Over the 2015-15 break, I was most fortunate enough to spend time in Antarctica. Talk about getting away from it all! But as a business owner, I also appreciate how tricky it is to be able to arrange time away like this, amongst other things.

Whilst I didn’t have such a business-change epiphany this time around, I have in the past so I fully appreciate how hard it is to then return to bring the change to fruition, and how big a deal it may end up being…

As a business owner, changing can be tricky though, especially if you have others reliant on you, whether they be suppliers, customers or staff. That said, it can be done, yes really. I’ve done it, I’ve helped others do it and you can too.

Granted, it will take some time and effort to execute but getting out is doable if you are prepared to do what it takes. This means thinking and possibly acting differently than you have previously. For some, this can be confronting, but if the need to succeed is stronger than the need to maintain the status quo, then the outcome can prove most desirable.

You’re not going to know if you don’t at least explore options.
And that’s where I come in…

Talk to me about what you have, what you want to do/have instead and I allow me to help you realise your new dream! You’re invited to email me to book a date/time for a chat

WEBINAR: Women in Business, Ensure a Saleable Business = FREEDOM!

The powerhouse of motivating mum’s, Alli Price, invited me to speak on one of her recent Google Hangouts. Once I got the technology sorted (!), it was all systems go and it is now proudly displaying on her youtube channel. Please, go check it out… It’s great launching and running a business but your eye should always be on the prize – selling your business successfully! Check out these great tips from Denise Hall, The Entrepreneurial Mother

On this one I talk a lot about FREEDOM.
Why did you start your business in the first place?
How well is that working for you?
What are you going to do about it if it is not working out as planned?

Contact me of course!

Podcast: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Selling Your Business – a conversation with Lorraine Pirihi

Podcast: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Selling Your Business – a conversation with Lorraine Pirihi by Denise Hall on Mixcloud

I had the pleasure of talking with Lorraine Pirihi, from Relaunch your Life, about what is involved in selling a business and why it is imperative to start the process early.

Yes, that old chestnut. Start with the end in mind, regardless of how old the business is!

There’s much to consider, but the main takeaways are:

  1. Formulate your “A” team
  2. Understand timelines
  3. Be prepared to invest in accessing the specific skills sets you need to help
  4. Get the business sale-ready
  5. Be really clear what you’re going to replace the business with in your life…

If this is a conversation you want to explore further, feel free to contact me on

A transcript of the interview is ready to download also…


TEMpting; How Business Buyers and Sellers Have Been Tempted This Week…

How Saleable is Your Business in 2014?
How Saleable do you want Your Business 2014?
What are you waiting for? GET YOUR SCORE…

Did some website renovation work today, including adding a few plugins in and changing some wording… even found an eBook to add to sell, which appears to be right on the money for what I’m looking for. Phew! Thought I’d end up having to writing it myself. Will get that added and see what happens. It’s all test and measure, lets face it!

Not much happening on the Business Sale front, as most businesses comes to terms with the end of financial year. Suspect though that the phone will start ringing again soon, as the realisation of the 2013-14 numbers comes to bear.

There’s been an upsurge in Sellability Score questionnaire completion, perhaps an indicator of what’s to come…
Especially given that more and more Buyers are making themselves known…


If you want to sell a website or you’re looking to buy a website (excellent bolt-on possibilities), please email me at

If any of the following tickle your fancy, please email me at, letting me know which one it is…


BS30 Online Venue Business
Completed Sellability Score
Nothing much happening here, unfortunately. This one appears to have gone missing in action…

BS49 Home Help…
Contracts to be signed in our office tomorrow

BS53 Balloons! and all that goes with them…
Back to GumTree we go…

BS59 Niche Service Provider in Building Trade
via Sellability Score.
Waiting on the 2014 numbers done and then it’s good to go to market.

BS60 Advertising and Events agency
(via Sellability Score)
Meeting with “referral network” advisor and the owner is booked to for next week.

BS72 Niche Bookseller and Training Provider
A second Board meeting now in the diary for end of this month, to go through the financials more thoroughly.

Training provider
The shuffle through of interested buyers continues, with no real traction. That said, a couple of meetings are to be booked.

Health Care Provider
The owner has met two interested parties. Conversations continue.

It’s all happening…. Others I’ve talked too.. are you interested in any one of them?

  • a particular event
  • sales and services
  • magazine
  • specialty bed linen
  • facilities management
  • speciality giftware
  • technology reseller
  • specialty children’s products x 2
  • overseas medical procedures
  • online products
  • electronics retailer
  • niche manufacturer
  • specialty clothing
  • digital agency
  • RTO
  • online review website

If yes, let me know…


Exploring the Sale Option?


Onwards and Upwards!

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