I want to genuinely help you GET OUT of your business, as my Birthday gift to you…

I want to genuinely help you GET OUT of your business, as my Birthday gift to you…

Hip hip hooray!

If you have being having serious doubts about how you can continue with your business (for whatever reasons), then please let me help. 

The Happy NewS Year is a month in and maybe your business is not or will not be performing as intended. And that sinking feeling is slowly but surely setting in…


Talk to me. 

Let’s go through what you have and work out what your options are. This is gift to you, you only have to ask. 

Completely confidently. 

Make contact via the various ways noted on the site or email me at info@theentrepreneurialmother.com.au

Don’t be shy. Don’t be proud. Don’t stick your head in the sand. We’ll just start by talking. Truly… 

Hip hip hooray!

WIN! Could you be as BIG as Naomi Simpson or Janine Ellis? 

WIN! Could you be as BIG as Naomi Simpson or Janine Ellis? 

Competition for The Motivational Speakers Contest
Have you ever thought to yourself  “I could be really big… I’d love to do what they do”?
OR… what if building your profile is the way to actually EXIT?
OK, lets think about this…
Given one of the biggest hurdles to selling a business that revolves around its owner is because it does just that, what if you could build it so BIG that even though your name is on the door, it continues generating revenue and therefore making it particularly saleable.

How to do this?
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be invited to speak on stage with some of the biggest names in the industry? To travel internationally, change people’s lives and get paid really, ridiculously well for it?
And what if you can trial it for F*REE?

My personal friends Cydney and Carrie from Motivational Speakers International have worked on some of the biggest earning speaker campaigns across the world and they are looking to take on a select few Elite speakers this year.

They are actively looking for 3 things:

  1. Speakers with a desirable and marketable program to sell
  2. Commitment to speaking and delivering trainings for 5 years (or more!)
  3. Credibility and integrity

If this is you, then you absolutely have to check out the Market Leader Showcase Competition!

You could win 1 of 2 fully sponsored places to the Market Leader Showcase program, where you’ll get plugged into the proven marketing machine that positions YOU as a market leading motivational speaker…

 With the entire team at Motivational Speakers Australia behind you, you’ll almost certainly have event promoters and speaker-hungry-corporates chomping at the bit to book you…!

 If you are ready to become a high earning international speaker, and you fit the criteria above, go now and enter your application to win.

Although this opportunity is ideal for up and coming speakers and seasoned professionals who are looking to leverage the reach of the Motivational Speakers Australia Brand, have MAGAZINE COVER EXPOSURE featured with Celebrity Speakers, and want Regular Marketing to Speaker-Hungry-Event hosts… It’s really going to be amazing for anyone who wants to be an internationally recognized speaker!

 There has never been a greater opportunity for marketable, confident speakers than there is now. 
Enter the competition HERE:  
and find out for certain if it is a good fit now to grow your speaking and training business exponentially.


I can’t wait to hear your name declared as one of the winners!
And when you’re rich and famous, I can’t wait to sell your business…

PS: Here’s the link again. Go now and apply for the competition.

ARTICLE: motivationsmagazine.com “Start with the End in Mind”

ARTICLE: motivationsmagazine.com “Start with the End in Mind”


Recently, the 2nd of my articles for the motivations magazine.com was published.
Most pleasing! And it goes like this…

During the Retirement and Estate Planning process, “Ownership of Assets” forms part of the discussion. Where one of the assets is a business, and it is a primary contributor to the Estate, it makes perfect sense to ask a number of provoking, asset-protection, risk-minimisation questions.

The questions are best offered from both a proactive and a reactive viewpoint.

Taking such initiative is paramount for ALL business owners who seriously want to successfully transition their business while they are in the best position to do so. In most cases however, business owners will not have commenced the all-important discussion about what to do when the time has come to finish, to exit, to essentially not run their business any more, whether that be by choice or otherwise.

Continue reading here: http://motivationsmagazine.com/starting-with-the-end-in-mind-today-regardless-of-how-old-the-business-is/

#OpportunityAlert: Connectional Intelligence = How to Get Big Things Done

#OpportunityAlert: Connectional Intelligence = How to Get Big Things Done

“We’ve been living with the internet now for twenty years and it’s not news that we’re all connected. Unless a totalitarian government swoops down and takes away our cell phones and our access to social media, that connectivity isn’t going anywhere. The question is: How do you and I grab hold of this newfound connectivity to take us to the places we want to go?

At a time when old-fashioned routes to power—the schools you went to, the contacts in your address book, the families you were born into—are not the only ways to get ahead, how do we connect intelligently, e.g. better, faster, more efficiently, and use all of our connections to make our ideas happen? Almost everyone has at least the capacity to link up with people, power, ideas, information and resources, but how do we synthesize it all to produce real change and influence people’s lives for the better?

The key is thinking differently about our connections. We need a shift in perception that empowers us to be the drivers of our digital tools and our new resources. This doesn’t just mean executives or traditional gatekeepers. This means anyone. This means you.”

See more at: ChangeThis.com_ConnectionalIntelligence

#TEMpting: Terrarium Business to BUY…

#TEMpting: Terrarium Business to BUY…

Terrarium Business for Sale

The business has been running successfully for 4 years via an online store and through stockists in and around Melbourne. It has also sold via pop-up shops/markets, ran workshops, exhibitions and leased products out for events/open houses, etc. 

The business has a good following on social media and has gotten good press over the years and has been featured in The Age, SMH, Shop Till You Drop, House and Garden, Green Magazine and Hooray (previously Hitched) Magazine. 

The owners are selling because work circumstances have changed and the business isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Given previous interest, the owners believe the business has a lot of potential, as time is dedicated to it again. 

It would be a most credible bolt-on to an existing business in floristry or as a hobby/2nd income for the gardening enthusiast. 

Interested? Email dhall@businessbrokers.com.au to start the process by receiving a Confidentiality Agreement to sign and return.

PODCAST: talking 6 steps to Boost Your Productivity and Profits with Lorraine Pirihi

Relaunch your Life

Once again I had the good fortune to talk with Lorraine Pirihi about the importance of productivity and profit in your Business, highlighted by the 6 steps Lorraine often coaches by.

A snippet of the gold contained in the below recording and transcript goes as such:

“Quite often you’ll hear in the housing market about growth or cashflow. Business actually abides by similar rules. There’s growth and there’s cashflow. A lot of small business, especially if they intend to stay smallish business, need to concentrate on the cashflow aspect. Because unless you’ve actually got a plan to grow and go world domination – there is an element of growth that needs to be in there to maintain the cashflow, I get that – but they’re actually two different types of strategies. And cashflow, especially if you’re a solopreneur or if it’s a lifestyle business or it’s a second income or if it’s one that you don’t want to bust your chops running; then the logic has to be that it is cashflow based.”

PODCAST: 6 Steps to Boost Your Productivty and Profits with Lorraine Pirihi by Denise Hall on Mixcloud

Read all about it here…

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