EOFY = FREE Appraisal from this realistic viewpoint…

EOFY = FREE Appraisal from this realistic viewpoint…

FREE Appraisal from this viewpoint…

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Start this new financial year off with a line-in-the-sand Appraisal as to the worth of your business, so you can make informed decisions towards your ultimate goal of EXIT (whether this be planned or not!).

For you, this will be complimentary with my pleasure…

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Is Now the Time to Put Your Business on the Market?

It might just be, and here’s why… January is often when prospective business buyers have the time to sit down and do a bit of forward planning and subsequent investigating. So, if your business is not on our website xcllusive.com.au, or one of the other business-for-sale type sites, then it cannot be found. Meaning now is the time to do the pre-work to get the business on the market by end of 2018, in readiness for business shoppers at the start of 2019.

If you’re unsure when to pull the trigger, there are typically 3 considerations when thinking about selling your business:

  1. Financial (money driven)
  2. Freedom (personal driven)
  3. Legacy (business driven)

Whilst Financial is often the one that is led with (because it is the most tangible place to start), it is not the only reason to sell. Freedom and Legacy play equally important roles in determining when to go to market and even who to sell your business to.

EVENT: Business Builders Bonanza HALF DAY SALES & CASHFLOW AUG 11

EVENT: Business Builders Bonanza HALF DAY SALES & CASHFLOW AUG 11

With really good food, indulge your brain, learn business secrets from industry experts and revitalise your business by attending our Business Builders Bonanza Sales and Cashflow event on August 11.

If you want a little extra enticement, then come for the excellent catering that we supply. With 4 hours of seminar style learning with Q&A opportunities followed by a relaxed couple of hours to enjoy luxurious food and wine and continue to pick the brains of our speakers, this is not an event to miss. It’s a golden opportunity to expand your business goals and further your growth.

Jump in now and get your tickets here: https://rebrand.ly/SALESANDCASHFLOWMEETUP

EVENT: Small Business Skills Summit set to deliver specialist skills direct to Business Owners

EVENT: Small Business Skills Summit set to deliver specialist skills direct to Business Owners

This August, business operators will have the unique opportunity to access some of the finest experts in the small business realm, courtesy of a skills summit delivered directly to them online.

Featuring myself plus 60  presenters and spanning 11 days, the summit will cover all the essential areas of business, with topics including business mindset, identifying the ideal customer, wellbeing, the business bottom line, marketing and how to get out!

Attendees can pick and choose the presenters they wish to see, engage in question and answer forums, or enjoy the convenience of accessing information for three months after the event. And it all takes place in the comfort of a business operator’s office, home or even while they’re on holidays.

An initiative of Business Business Business, the Small Business Skills Summit was designed to offer business owners the best tools and expertise available in a convenient, accessible form.

“We know the power that knowledge and learning offer businesses, and we also get that the demands of being a small business owner make it hard to get away to attend seminars for days”

“That’s why this innovative seminar has been crafted to deliver skills and advice directly to their door.”

Months in the planning, the Small Business Skills Summit lineup features experts ranging from business coaches to PR and marketing professionals, accountants and seasoned entrepreneurs.

It will provide an insight into business best practice but also offer a forum for business operators to ask questions of presenters.

The summit is supported by handouts and a dedicated Facebook page where presenters will be available immediately after their presentation to take questions on the topics covered.

Business operators can opt to log on and watch a presentation, then take part in the Q&A on the day, or choose to watch the presentations at their leisure in the three months that follow.

Attendees can pick and choose the topics that interest them, or embrace the entire program for the full gamut of skills available.

The Small Business Skills Summit runs from August 6 to 16, with enrollments OPEN NOW



Here’s the question that stopped Kerry Ann Nelson, organiser of the Business Builders Bonanza dead in her tracks: “How can you not, as a Business Owner, know what your Business is Worth at any given time?” So she asked me, as an ex-Business Owner turned Business Value Analyst, Exit Strategist and Broker to Business Owners of Australia, to talk about this very topic as part of the “Sales and Cashflow” topic on August 11.

Building a Business into an Asset (as well as a Cashflow vehicle) may result in it being possibly the largest asset you’ll ever own, if not second after your home. So by NOT considering all angles may result in all the blood, sweat, tears, time and money you’ve invested resulting in close to nothing!

According to recent statistics from the “Centre of Women’s Business Research USA”, only 3% of women-owned businesses reach $1million revenue or more. Highlight women who are also the primary breadwinners, that % is even lower. I am proud to feature in both categories.

Blend this breadth of experience and execution together with having sold my 7-figure business (plus two smaller ones) and subsequently assisting many others to do the same since then, you can see why Kerry Ann sought me out to discuss this further in the context of Sales and Cashflow.

Come on August 11 and learn how establish the true value of your business, how to increase that value with a strategic plan you implement over time, and how to develop an exit strategy that allows you to GET OUT as profitably and seamlessly as possible whenever you are ready.

This is the MUST DO Event for Business Owners with their end game firmly in mind. Register today and we’ll see you here https://rebrand.ly/SALESANDCASHFLOWMEETUP

EVENT audio: Boroondara Supernetworking “How to Know What your Business is Worth”

EVENT audio: Boroondara Supernetworking “How to Know What your Business is Worth”

As a Business Owner, knowing what your business is Worth at any given time makes perfect sense, except not many know how to actually do so. This presentation goes some way to commencing the thought process (apologies for ordinary audio mid-point).

So I recently presented at the second of the Business Boroondara 2018 Super Networking Night series, where each facilitated evening is themed, with a guest speaker providing valuable tips and activities.  At the session, I shared my insights on the topic ‘How to know what your Business is Worth’, as the local resident a Business Value Analyst, Exit Strategist and Business Broker.

The specifics of what I spoke about were recorded and can be listened to here.
Enjoy! If anything you hear raises any questions for you, please ask… sell@theentrepreneurialmother.com.au

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