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A Trillion Dollar Reason to Work Together: Public-Private Partnerships Are Here to Stay…

“All across the land trouble is brewing, as tax revenues continue to shrink and The Great Recession slogs on. … Almost every state has reduced educational funds and numerous school districts are being forced to lay off teachers, reduce bus services and eliminate curriculum. Colleges and universities, public hospitals, law enforcement organizations and public transportation agencies are struggling to find additional revenues. Roads and bridges can no longer be maintained with public funds.

Relief won’t come quickly or easily, but one thing is crystal clear: government must reach out to private sector partners for innovative solutions.

Are you ready? Can you start facilitating such a discussion starting… now?
By Mary Scott Nabers for

Change? It’s Only Just Begun!

You’re probably familiar with eBay and PayPal. They’re businesses that have transformed and challenged traditional retailing because they enable individuals to trade online, bypassing normal supply chains. We’re now on the edge of another wave of transformational change of how business and work are done.

Robert Gottliebsen at Business Spectator recently interviewed Matt Barrie from which connects workers with businesses on a global basis. Businesses post jobs that workers bid for. Payment occurs online when jobs are finished. It’s mainly small business people doing work for small business people. But it brings the power of ‘big’ to the little businessperson’s business. The interview is here:

At that link we last covered zaarly and uber which also empower self-employed people to do big things. I know of many other transformational business service models. It’s the replication of a trend we’re seeing in IT, for example, where contracting is rising. Forget about industrial relations, human resource management and jobs for life! This is about stock exchanges for jobs, fast moving, with people making their own choices.

Government isn’t coping. This is reflected in comments from Peter Strong of the Council of Small Business Australia. He referred to the recent budget as a ‘big business budget’ in a TV interview. This big business view is probably why the administration of paid parental leave, for example, is looking so complex for small business people and why a Commonwealth Bank survey found small business drowning in red tape.

Government will fail when it tries to force its administrative convenience onto this global business realignment. So watch out politicians! An analysis of voting trends amongst self-employed people showed a strong willingness to swing their votes.

Very, very interesting indeed… a sign of things to come… just wonder how the government will view it/legislate for or against it??? Time will tell.

From Ken Phillips (Exec. Dir.) and the team at Independent Contractors of Australia

A Call Against Complacency…

Many will agree that a system of incentives is, and has been, the backbone of the success of the capitalist economic system. That over centuries, a network of incentives has driven innovation, which in turn has encouraged the inventiveness that has led to the unparalleled generation of ideas, goods, and services across America and the industrialized West.

By Dambisa Moyo for […]

Given the evidence and importance of positive incentives, why, over the past 50 years, have policymakers embarked on a systematic and deliberate strategy of putting in place a catalogue of policies that dis-incentivise citizens from acting in a manner that could be beneficial to their economies, and the world at large? Read on

Employers Worldwide Lack a Strategy for Developing Women Leaders, New Mercer Survey Shows…

No surprise to read (from a headline  like that I’m sure. Here’s the rest of the sorry story…

New York — March 7

Despite efforts by organizations around the world to achieve a diverse workforce, the majority – 71 percent – do not have a clearly defined strategy or philosophy for developing women for leadership roles, according to the new Women’s Leadership Development Survey conducted by Mercer in conjunction with Talent Management and Diversity Executive magazines.

The survey, conducted in December 2010, includes responses from more than 1,800 human resource, talent management and diversity leaders at organizations throughout North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific. The survey included a broad cross-section of industries with for-profits, high-tech/telecommunications, financial/ banking and durable manufacturing organizations representing the largest segments. Responses, which addressed current commitment and support for women’s leadership, plans for the future and obstacles to success, were fairly consistent across regions.

According to Mercer’s survey, almost half (47 percent) of employers surveyed globally indicate that their organizations do not offer any activities or programs targeted to the development needs of women leaders. While 21 percent of organizations said they offer some activities or programs, another 6 percent of organizations said they are planning to add programs and activities in the future. Read on…

Employ Contractors? READ THIS…

and it won’t matter what size you are…

Organisations engaging contractors should be on notice.

With Unions pushing the Federal Government to limit the number of independent contractors, on the basis that contractors are disadvantaged and better placed in traditional employee/employer roles with full entitlements, many organisations may be forced to put contractors on the payroll.

Putting contractors on the payroll means organisations have to foot the bill for all employment costs such as PAYG, superannuation, annual leave, etc Contractors may lose better pay rates, tax advanatges and the flexibility in their work… read on

Contractor Double Jeopardy” by Brad Twentyman for Human Capital magazine…

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