Have You Entered The Brilliant Biz Mum Awards and Conference Yet?


Time to get onto it!

The Brilliant Biz Mum Conference & Awards is a celebration of amazing mums in business – by way of showing off their products and services, listening to their amazing stories and celebrating their achievements.

The Conference & Awards will be held on May 14th, 2016 featuring approx 40 stallholders, amazing speakers, workshops and networking galore in the day! The Awards night is a fun night of celebration and networking directly after the Conference – culminating in awarding 13 amazing mums in business as the best in their field.

The Awards

The Brilliant Biz Mum Awards are all judged – there is no social media voting – so all winners are determined based on merit.

The judging panel is made up of the Award sponsor (a Biz Mum who has experience within the field and is managing the category) and two guest judges.

The categories are:

  1. Best Life & Business Clarity sponsored by Fiona Redding of The Happiness Hunter
  2. Best Juggler sponsored by Pauline Delany of The Harmony Life Stylist
  3. Most Influential Brand sponsored by Annemarie Cross of annemariecross.com
  4. Best Service-Based Business sponsored by Rosie Shilo of Virtually Yours
  5. Best Innovative Product sponsored by Cath Connell of Spicycat Creative and Wholehearted Marketing
  6. Best Social Media Success Story sponsored by Loren Bartley of Impactiv8
  7. Most Creative Marketing on a Budget sponsored by Susie Campbell of Little Black Book Marketing
  8. Best Mum in Biz Boss sponsored by Natasha Gallardo of Working Mothers Connect
  9. Best Web Presence sponsored by Julie Allen of biz yourself
  10. Best Image for Business sponsored by Zahrina Robertson of Zahrina Photography & Video
  11. Writing Excellence Award sponsored by Sarah Garbuio of The Business Butler
  12. Best Community-Minded Mum sponsored by Melina Schamroth of m.a.d. woman
  13. MLM Superstar Award sponsored by Fran Pratt of Kiss to Sell & Arbonne

There is definitely at least one category you can be going for… just choose it and do it!

Details of the conference can be found here

ARTICLE: should I Start or Buy a Business? that is the Question!

ARTICLE: should I Start or Buy a Business? that is the Question!


An excerpt from my article featured on www.startsatsixty.com.au talking about popping Buyers Goggles on to investigate all the different buying opportunities there are…

Many people think that the typical small businesses offered for sale are only those such as cafes and other food or retail outlets, however almost all types of businesses do come up for sale at some point in time. (There is of course the option of tapping an existing business owner on the shoulder and asking them to consider thinking about selling as well).

I strongly encourage you not to make a decision about starting a business until you have investigated what the market has to offer, to see if there are businesses available within the area that you are interested in. By buying, this will enable you to “jump” into a revenue-generating business and leverage off the hard work already undertaken by someone else.

Unless you are looking at developing and delivering something unique into the market place, or you have previous experience to take a start-up business to a stage where it is profitable in a short time frame, buying an established business will generally be more instant, attractive and financially rewarding.

Want to read the full article, here it is…

#OpportunityAlert: would what you do work in the New Heartland?


Is Your Brand Missing the Mark with 60% of U.S. Consumers?
By Paul Jankowski Published Feb. 18, 2015 

“There’s one part of the country where, I think, many brands are completely missing the mark: it’s what I call the New Heartland. It’s made up of the Southwest, Midwest, and parts of the Southeast and is home to 60% of all U.S. consumers. It’s a massive and influential cultural segment that is largely misunderstood and underserved by advertisers—and a huge opportunity for brands willing to make the effort.

So how do brands effectively reach the New Heartland?”

Read all about it at ChangeThis.com

what does “generating profit” from a website really mean?


Sounds pretty obvious I know, but in my experience it’s not!

Websites have the capacity to be profit centres in their own right.
I repeat that.
Websites have the capacity to be profit centres in their own right.

So when I’m approached about selling an “online business”, I will always ask about:

  • the traffic
  • the database
  • the profit

Usually the answers come thick and fast about the first two and only muffled silence on the 3rd.

If your website is not making money in its own right, is it really an online business?
What invariably happens is that the online part is the front end, the marketing channel but it still has a manual backend.
Which means the Business Owner may have mastered the art of generating traffic and building a database but the fulfilment component and the collection of dollars are done in the more traditional ways.

So it’s not really an online business at all.

What Business are you building?

what does “generating traffic” really mean for your website?


So, the last 3 days I have spent with Liz and Matt Raad, coming up to speed with the latest in Buying and Selling Websites.
Three days well spent I might like to add!

Now reflecting on the time got me thinking about the average Business Owner I meet and how well they understand the Internet and Online space. Fundamentally, the majority of them don’t. Nor do the advisors they seek the advice from. And they don’t know what they don’t know. It’s rather scary…

Just today, I read where a body I’m associated with is going to spend approx. $50,000 on Adwords. Google will be rubbing their hands in glee, even if they’re none the wiser. Given Google has recently “cleaned up” the function of search and has narrowed down those that will feature on the front page, whilst Adwords can be part of the consideration for generating traffic, it cannot be the be all and end all. It just won’t wash anymore.

The main point about “generating traffic” is Lead Generation.
If it’s not then why are you doing it or agreeing to have stuff done? Most searchers nowadays will bypass the advertised option and go for the organic top 10.  The way to get onto the organic front page is based on content that is quality, relevant and consistent. This all goes back to understanding Google and the search engines, giving them want they are asking for in order to best serve you, its user.

To not understand Google is to do so at your own peril, and cost…

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