TEMpting: how Business Sellers and Buyers have been tempted this week…



If any of the following tickle your fancy,

please contact me by emailing sell@theentrepreneurialmother.com
letting me know which one it is…



BS9 = Specialist Leadership and Talent Management Provider

Completed Sellability Score.
Looking to a 2013-14 kick off, getting all ducks in a row in the meantime.
BS14 Leading Book Supplier
Completed Sellability Score
Financials received, more to come. Currently going through refinancing dramas!



BS19 Leading Wedding Services Provider
1st meeting had, waiting on Stage 2 financials – due in next week
BS22 Business “Consultancy”
Completed Sellability Score
Stage 3 of process in play, Proposal and pricing

BS23 Health and Well Being Studio
engagement locked in


BS24 Beauty Salon with a Twist
not sure what they want to do but “first prize” is to raise capital and roll out more stores
BS25 Sales and Services
Completed Sellability Score
Proposal offered, awaiting decision
BS26 Professional Services
Initial meeting to discuss options
Completed Sellability Score
“Business Planning; in Reverse!” session booked for early June.
BS 27 Training Services Provider
via Linked In
Received Stage 2 financials, analysis work now to be done
The “Sellability Score” reports continue to dribble in each and every week.
More calls to make as a result and more emails to send 🙂
Onwards and Upwards!


what to do when the diary is just way too full…


Just sometimes, Life seems to take over your diary, well it does mine at least. And that in turn leads to feeling really quite overwhelmed.

That’s because (I guess I’m similar to you) you don’t want to let anyone down. I most certainly don’t.

Should I have said no to a few things, probably. But when youré a solo-preneur, a solo-breadwinner and a solo-parent (a double parent actually!), you are often set to accept all that comes your way (within context) because usually something happens and not all comes together, all at once.

But in my case, at the moment, it has all come together and I am under the pump! Right now, I’m even feeling a little “Mother Hubbard” as Daughter will be living on cupboard leftovers soon if I’m not careful. Yes sure, I can get help but that also takes head space and time to arrange, which I don’t have right now. If only the EA of my dreams rolls up on my doorstep and takes over my diary and half the stuff that emanates from it.

Cinderella wanted a Prince.
Me? If a Prince relieves me of my diary, my to-do list build-up, then bring him on!


is “exit” in your shareholder agreement?


It’s a bit hard to think about exit when you’re only just starting, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, now’s the time to do it.

Think of the Shareholder Agreement  as a prenup!
The time it is of most use will be when the relationship goes pear-shaped. Best get all this stuff sorted when you still love each other as we’ve seen way too many relationships, when they turn ugly, go the way of attack via getting into the things closest and/or worth the most.

Given your business might be the 2nd largest asset that you own (other than your house) or in some cases, the largest. Doesn’t it make sense, when starting with the end in mind, to look after it as part of the process of sharing?

After all, that’s what a shareholding is about… sharing the risk and the reward!

you’ll be waiting if you are waiting for permission…


ABC Q&A aired a special extra episode tonight after securing an audience with visiting billionaire Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. The program featured Gates as the sole guest, fronting an audience at the University of NSW with host Tony Jones.

Whilst Mr Gates is interesting, impressive and industrious, he performed admirably and did himself and his causes proud. What I found even more impressive though was the quality of the thinking that had gone into the audience questioning and the Twitter feed happening concurrently.

There are many who think deeply about some of the hard stuff and that buoys my faith in humans being able to better do good stuff. However, as Mr Gates pointed out this evening, if one sits around waiting for permission to do what needs to be done, death is likely to come first!

A case in point, Stephanie Woollard. Such a dynamic young woman, who has taken it upon herself to assist and truly empower all the marginalised women she can. Starting in Nepal first, world domination is definitively on the cards. She didn’t have to do it, she could have talked about it and done nothing because working from Australia would have been too difficult but she didn’t…

Instead, she started “Seven Women” (www.sevenwomen.com.au) which has since established two business centres whereby they become financially stand-alone entities as well as enabling the women to learn to earn. No permission sought, other than to appreciate the enormity of the task and then getting down to the tin-tacs of working out how to get it done.

With the women now eternally grateful.

Hazel Hawke – what an entrepreneurial mother!


Having just watched the updated version of “Australian Story” following the death of Hazel Hawke, it brought home to me what a wonderful woman she was. I’d always held her in high esteem and tonight’s episode only confirmed that was no fluke. What a legend!

I can only hope that Daughter, family and friends speak as highly of me when my time comes.

Even in her final days, at her most vulnerable, she continued to share, to use the circumstances as a means of educating, of deepening, of love-in-action.

I have since heard her described as Australia’s Eleanor Roosevelt. Maybe this is right in some respects… but I want the rest of the world, myself included, to remember her as Australia’s Hazel Hawke. That’s more than enough.

Rest in Peace. You will be missed.

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