“the glorification of busy” – are you guilty?

Thank you to Guy Kawasaki and Adriana Huffington for this enlightened SlideShow… please pay attention.
A great reminder for us all (Yes, me included), about this nothing of “busyness”.
Does anyone ever tell you, when asked how they are, that they are not busy?
“Oh, I’ve got a lot on”, or “busy, busy, busy”, or “always” seem to be a fairly typical type response when asked “how goes it?”

what to do when the diary is just way too full…


Just sometimes, Life seems to take over your diary, well it does mine at least. And that in turn leads to feeling really quite overwhelmed.

That’s because (I guess I’m similar to you) you don’t want to let anyone down. I most certainly don’t.

Should I have said no to a few things, probably. But when youré a solo-preneur, a solo-breadwinner and a solo-parent (a double parent actually!), you are often set to accept all that comes your way (within context) because usually something happens and not all comes together, all at once.

But in my case, at the moment, it has all come together and I am under the pump! Right now, I’m even feeling a little “Mother Hubbard” as Daughter will be living on cupboard leftovers soon if I’m not careful. Yes sure, I can get help but that also takes head space and time to arrange, which I don’t have right now. If only the EA of my dreams rolls up on my doorstep and takes over my diary and half the stuff that emanates from it.

Cinderella wanted a Prince.
Me? If a Prince relieves me of my diary, my to-do list build-up, then bring him on!


Business Book Club…

Seth Godin's latest

Seth Godin’s – Poke the Box

I’ve just returned from my every 6-week Book Club soiree. We have a lovely time catching up with each other and discussing the books. Some of which we’ve loved and others not so but nevertheless, much discussion and sometimes debate ensues. And we all learn about little bit more about ourselves and the world around us as a result.

That got me thinking on the way home… why don’t we have a Business Book Club. I’d be happy to run it. Can do it via webinar so no need to leave home. I’m convinced a whole lot of learning about the businesses we are building would take place, both at an individual level and the greater good we are trying to impact.

What do you think?

If you’re interested, email me on sell@theentrepreneurialmother.com and lets get it started… Never enough book reading and learning in the world I say!


Is this for you? Flexible/Part-Time Online Fashion Business

Are you looking for a business to make your own?

Are you a “Fashionista” who has always wanted to own your own fashion business but thought it out of your league?

Could you add this to your existing business perhaps?

Then maybe this little business is for you…

Working approximately 15 hours per week, the owner is making an adjusted profit (after paying for expenses, including stock) of $38,000 – $48,000 per year for the last 2 financial years.

 Ideal business for those who do not want to take the risk of a “new start up” and prefer to take over a proven business model.

Minimum overheads and low stock value.

 The online business is already fully functional and profitable; therefore there will be no lag time in terms of creating immediate revenue.

 The current owner has already done all the hard work setting up this business. Many variations of process have been tried, through trial and error and the current processes have proven to be profitable, with minimum working hours.

 Products are fashion oriented and would suit those with interest in fashion.

Flexible working hours and potential for further growth.

 As part of the sale, the current owner is prepared to pass the knowledge, tips and tricks of the trade on to the new owner.

Price includes all stock and equipment.

Interested? click here for details of what to do next…

#sellbusiness: The EXIT generation need HELP! indeed…

Don’t you just love it when the Press catch up with what you’ve been saying for some time now… Tony Featherstone has done just that in this fabulous summary on all things WHY you must start considering EXIT strategy and execution right now. Especially if you are as a BusinessOwner coming into the twilight of your care factor in terms of potentially selling your business… Read on by clicking here

Would you consider this an Opportunity or a Threat to your business and / or that of your clients?

Could early preparation be a Strength?  Or a lack of action a Weakness?

Keep reading by clicking here


How to Buy and Sell Websites!…the Perfect Mother of a Business

Looks good doesn’t it? What perfect online business opportunities. What progressive business ideas.
I know how excited I got when I first understood the power of the possibility

My friends Matt and Liz Raad are running their last “How To Buy and Sell Websites” Workshop for the year, and I have secured some special guest tickets that I thought you would be interested in.

Why do I think you should be paying attention? 🙂
Given the level of interest I’ve seen in selling websites over the last months, and what I’ve since learned from Matt and Liz, the online Buy and Sell of Websites is a market experiencing considerable growth, and destined to be a major player… get in now!

They reveal how you can take advantage of the online “virtual real estate boom” by making money online that is happening right now by showing step-by-step how you can buy and sell websites for massive profit.

To find out more and reserve your complimentary guest seats, click here

The feedback from the attendees of the last event was fantastic – here’s some of the comments:

“Absolutely well worth investing 3 days to learn how to create a lifetime of passive income”

“This wasn’t what I expected…my eyes have been opened to new possibilities!”

“Definitely worth doing”

“You’d be mad to miss this..one of the most value packed workshops ever”

“If you are interested in making money on the internet, DON’T MISS THIS SEMINAR!”

So if you like the idea of finding “rundown” websites, renovating them quickly and then selling for a profit or keeping as a cash-cow…

And if you would you like to grow your passive income, and make the most of the new online real estate boom without having to be a tech-wizz,

Book in now before it’s too late!

Make sure you use the ticket code “TEM GUEST” so you aren’t charged for the tickets.
Come and join the revolution that is online business opportunities…


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