Today, I started a campaign for a business sale. This campaign though is not following the usual “sale process”. The client has been very specific about who would find what they have for sale of value. As a result, there is to be no advertising of a public nature. Instead, we have developed a 3-pronged proactive process.

It is made up of

  • professionally approaching to the larger ones first,
  • with others that have expressed an interest in the past next
  • followed by going out to the clients OWN database

Given their own client list is extensive and the importance of having an engaged relationship with the database, I do not doubt that a buyer can be found there. But this is a rare case, because in most instances, confidentiality is sought requiring no-one on the inside knowing about the sale.

Even with the sale of my own business, we always said that the most probable owner was sitting in our list but we did not have access to a process in order to flush them out. Just shows some of what I’ve learned in last 3 years, doesn’t it… but I digress… because this is where the well-constructed, timely email (or LinkedIn connect for that matter) and the use of honesty being the best policy comes in.

For this business (and another I’m also selling), chosen words stating exactly why I have contacted them has resulted in a most appreciative response, whether the timing is right for them or not. Fortunately, in the case of what I did today, the timing also worked, with the potential buyer very keen to get things moving. And for the others where the timing is not right, they’ve asked to be kept in the loop of other possibilities. Excellent!

Here’s hoping it all ends with the perfect fairytale ending and if not, how about something even better!



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