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This week, the transfer of the website and all its bits is almost done!

That includes:

  • transfer dotcom domain name
  • transfer domain name (different register to the dotcom)
  • set up Google Adsense
  • set up Google Adwords
  • transfer site files
  • etc etc

Once finalised, the “renovation” begins, to get this little baby humming along nicely. Really looking forward to seeing what transpires with all the numerous slight but important changes to make.

Need to double the numbers first off, to make it worth continuing the process. Anyway, time will tell.


If you want to sell a website or you’re looking to buy a website (excellent bolt-on possibilities), please email me at

If any of the following tickle your fancy, please email me at, letting me know which one it is…


BS30 Online Venue Business
Completed Sellability Score
Still waiting on the revised figures. Since got confirmation that they don’t look as healthy as first intimated. Deciding whether to go back to the 4 interested parties, maybe there will be some interest regardless.

BS49 Home Help…
It appears that the owner has managed to secure a rather large contract, which had been discussed as part of proceedings but nothing concrete had materialised, until Monday. Next week should show it well and truly set, meaning the discussions of a week ago have just upgraded considerably. The next meeting will more negotiation required.

BS53 Balloons! and all that goes with them…
So of the two that received the CA and IM, it only appears to be interested. Really hope this one is courageous enough to give it a go, as they at least understand the industry and the potential this one offers. Lets hope they come back to me, in the positive.

BS59 Niche Service Provider in Building Trade
via Sellability Score.
It’s all systems go! Awaiting on sign-off of IM and advertisement. Once done, we go to market. This is a cracker for a white-collar wanting to get out of the office or a tradie wanting to get off the tools.

BS60 Advertising and Events agency
(via Sellability Score)
IM finalised. Advertisement on websites. Called a few people I know about this one too, waiting to have a good old chat.

BS72 Niche Bookseller and Training Provider
Waiting on finalisation of the IM. Looking to verify a few numbers first.

Training provider
Assisting colleague by introducing the perfect buyer for his selling client. My contact is taking this one slowly as another deal needs to come through first. May not suit sellers timing but it is what it is…

It’s all happening…. Others I’ve talked too.. are you interested in any one of them?

  • a particular event
  • sales and services
  • magazine
  • specialty bed linen
  • facilities management
  • speciality giftware
  • technology reseller
  • specialty children’s products x 2
  • overseas medical procedures
  • online products
  • electronics retailer

If yes, let me know…


Exploring the Sale Option?


Onwards and Upwards!

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