#TEMpting: Online Baby Boutique to Buy…

baby shower giftsThis online boutique store is full of quality products and beautiful gifts for all of the babies and toddlers. Newborn gifts, the perfect baby shower gifts, 1st birthday or just because…what ever the occasion, here you will find the perfect products in store.

The business sources, selects, packages and distributes a beautiful range of quality products that have been tried and tested. The offer is promoted along the lines of having a personal shopper, doing all the legwork for the purchaser.

Together with the unique range of products on display, so is excellent customer service and the ease of shopping 24/7, from anywhere! Once a perfect gift is chosen, free gift-wrapping is offered as part of the service.

Given the level of interest to date and with time dedicated to it, the business has grown well but still allows for a lot of potential. In particular, it will add value as a bolt-on to an existing business in a similar niche or as a hobby/second income business for the sophisticated baby gift enthusiast.

ASKING PRICE: $100,000 (plus stock at cost)

Interested? email sell@theentrepreneurialmother.com.au

#OpportunityAlert: Connectional Intelligence = How to Get Big Things Done

#OpportunityAlert: Connectional Intelligence = How to Get Big Things Done

“We’ve been living with the internet now for twenty years and it’s not news that we’re all connected. Unless a totalitarian government swoops down and takes away our cell phones and our access to social media, that connectivity isn’t going anywhere. The question is: How do you and I grab hold of this newfound connectivity to take us to the places we want to go?

At a time when old-fashioned routes to power—the schools you went to, the contacts in your address book, the families you were born into—are not the only ways to get ahead, how do we connect intelligently, e.g. better, faster, more efficiently, and use all of our connections to make our ideas happen? Almost everyone has at least the capacity to link up with people, power, ideas, information and resources, but how do we synthesize it all to produce real change and influence people’s lives for the better?

The key is thinking differently about our connections. We need a shift in perception that empowers us to be the drivers of our digital tools and our new resources. This doesn’t just mean executives or traditional gatekeepers. This means anyone. This means you.”

See more at: ChangeThis.com_ConnectionalIntelligence

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