7 Traits for Building Your Emotional Wealth…

7 traits of Emotional Intelligence

7 traits of Emotional Intelligence


Seven key strategies for helping us all sustain greater health, wealth and wisdom at work.

The evidence is impressive. The research described here has established clear links between happiness and our health, wealth and wellbeing. By happiness I mean an emotional, physical and spiritual prosperity – something I call Emotional Capital.

In my work with professional people over the last fifteen years I have found that high levels of emotional capital lead to increased productivity, and as many studies show, happy people are more creative, solve problems better and more quickly, live longer and enjoy high levels of leadership influence. In other words, when people feel better they perform better.

This is not about looking at life through rose-coloured glasses or ignoring the disappointments in life. It is about investing in your greatest asset – your emotional capital.

Your happiness is good for business.

by Martyn Newman… read on

I repeat, “your happiness is good for business”
How happy are you right now?
On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being hip hip hooray happy), what do you score yourself?
10? fabulous – keep up the great life
below 7? what’s going on and what can you do about it?
What are you going to DO about it?

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Advice to Women: Get Out of Your Own Way

Don’t wait to be rescued or discovered by anyone, and for heaven’s sake, don’t wait to be given permission from the principal’s office to take full ownership of your own destiny. You gotta do it yourself.

Step forward out of your own lingering residual sense of smallness, take up every inch of life that is your blessed inheritance, and DO YOUR THING.


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3 very powerful words

I had the great fortune of seeing Elizabeth Gilbert last night (in Frankston VIC of all places) and she was fabulous. Thought provoking, genuine, care and sharing, an all-round good human being. Really pleased I made the effort to go (as you know, it’s easier to say No).

Above, for me, was one of her key takeaways and one in which she openly demonstrates by her DO YOUR THING living .

Where are you on the DO YOUR THING scale, between 1 and 10 (10 being so doing it!)?
Anything below 7 needs a rethink, a strategy even…

inspiration made simple…

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“Inspiration is the most used and abused word in our daily existence. Whether it is business, politics, sports, or any other endeavor of life, inspiration is considered to be the panacea or silver bullet which can transform personal lives and propel organizations to unbelievable heights.

No wonder, everyone (individuals and organizations alike) is constantly seeking this transformational wonder and are expending an enormous amount of money and time in this search. It has come to such frenzy that a large number of experts have surfaced as inspirational gurus and are having a brisk commercial business by offering their expertise to inspire individuals and organizations.

However, despite this obsession to master the art of inspiration, most individuals and organizations do not achieve their desired goals and keep on guessing what went wrong.”

By Baldev Seekri for ChangeThis.com

the DO! manifesto: the pursuit of Xceptional execution

for ChangeThis.com

“What if launching and leading an xceptional business was simpler than you’ve ever imagined? Not easier. Not less time consuming. Not less gut wrenching. But, simpler. Guess what: It is. What if I told you many successful entrepreneurs didn’t start with a compelling vision or indeed a workable business plan? Guess what: That’s true.

What if it was possible to dominate a market without any previous background in it? Well: It is.

Xceptional execution is about taking a relatively simple idea from brainstorm to breakout hit.”

By Kevin Kelly for ChangeThis.com

how to build meaning, impact, and opportunity with your body of work…

for ChangeThis.com

“No one is looking out for your career anymore. You must find meaning, locate opportunities, sell yourself, and plan for failure, calamity, and unexpected disasters. You must develop a set of skills that makes you able to earn an income in as many ways as possible.”)

The new world of work requires a new lens and skill set to ensure career success. You must create your own body of work as you operate in different organizational systems and structures.”

By Pamela Slim for ChangeThis.com

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