The Motivating Mum “Make money on your business when you’re ready to sell” workshop eventually got started as planned! One day of solid rain had the entire traffic grid in lock down mode and no way to quickly get to Albert Park. Even the presenter was a little late (yes that would be me!)

Nonetheless, once we all settled in with our coffees, learning and conversation flowed easily.

There was quite a mix of business in the room. Half were reasonably new i.e. < 2 years. The other half were established with one 5 years old, another 7 years and two who were 10 years old. The newbys were doing what all good business owners should do, that is “start with the end in mind”. The others were viewing the end from todays date and working out what to do from here on. Both perfectly acceptable.

The feedback so far was that they definitely got a lot out of it and are already ticking over in their minds what to do once back in the office! No doubt their stories are to be continued and I look forward to being part of it…

The top 5 points covered:

1. Starting with the End in Mind – what does that mean exactly?

2. it is NOT about Selling your Business, it’s about the Freedom you want/expected when setting up your business…and how well that’s working right now?

3. Focusing less on the selling part and more on building profitable business drivers and motivators.

4. Making it easy for a Buyer to not only understand what they’re buying but also that they can SEE/FEEL themselves in it.

5. 10 things to do right now…

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