How Saleable is Your Business in 2014?
How Saleable do you want Your Business 2014?
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RANT: how can Buyers buy Small Businesses without lending?
Why do lending institutions make it so hard to borrow, especially in the $500,000 – $2mil range of borrowing required.

What happened to lending against the business as opposed to now having to use the family home. Sometimes, not even giving up your first born will suffice!

Yes, I understand all the logic. It however will not enable those who want to grow up to be Business Owners (especially when it may be the only option they’ve got, given they seem to be “unemployable”) to get in the market any time soon.

Surely someone one can come up with a product that can satisfy all requirements and be fair and reasonable.

I challenge those of you in the lending space to get clever and lateral and assist in the kickstart of a new chapter for many…


If you want to do sell a website or you’re looking to buy a website (excellent bolt-on possibilities), please email me at

If any of the following tickle your fancy, please email me at, letting me know which one it is…


BS30 Online Venue Business

Completed Sellability Score
One meeting booked for March and details requested from two others. The main focus seems is on the custom-built technology platform this business runs on and the data it collects as a result..

BS49 Home Help…

One party is very interested. The potential has been well and truly revealed so it’s down to price and the level of comfort required to “pull the trigger”, as they say in the classics! Potential buyer now on the hunt for lending…

BS53 Balloons! and all that goes with them…

Such corporate appeal, so untapped. It’s waiting for the savvy operator that can see past the retail component and tap into it’s possibility as a warehouse servicing the larger players. Bit stuck on this one now!

BS57 Online Business

Signed good to go. It’s making money! Have received signed authority’s and in the process of developing the IM now. Stay tuned.

BS60 Advertising and Events agency

Authority signed. Good to go…


Others I’m talking too.. are you interested in?

  • a particular event
  • project management of large Melbourne events
  • specialty educational toys
  • niche in building trade (via Sellability Score)
  • sales and services
  • merchandise
  • magazine

If yes, let me know as these revealed themselves this week…


Exploring the Sale Option?


Onwards and Upwards!

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