Back not so long ago, there were the boom-and-bust years of the WWW when companies paid big bucks for what appeared to be unprofitable online businesses/websites. A sort of gold fever gripped investors: some became almost instant millionaires and others, well many others went the other way, in a big way!

Since the bubble burst, however, the online market has established at a more measured and sustainable pace. Trends show that there are sites that continue to increase in value across the board and the trend remains upward.

This environment presents ample opportunity for successful speculation. Just like the physical property market, the online property market is rightly being regarded by many as a great place to make not just a quick profit, but—potentially—a living.

As with a property, you can buy a web site and have it increase in value over time without having to do anything but maintain it (although the value of physical property depends on the scarcity of real estate, which is unlikely ever to be a problem online!). [“Flipping Websites for Profit“]

As with any business purchase, there are steps to this process:
1. Locating an online business you want to buy
2. Negotiating and completing the sale
3. Adding value to the business
4. Making the decision what to do next – do I keep it? or do i sell it?
5. If part of an existing business’ online strategy, is it doing its job? has it lived up to expectations? is it time to buy another one perhaps?

Lets look at Step 1.
How do you find an online business to buy?
Do you know of one being sold, that you’re interested in?
How do you know what you’re looking at, really? How do you analyse it?

I’ll into more detail about these points next week…

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