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So I’ve been shopping haven’t I.
Keen to make my next purchase.
But… the ones I’ve looked at in the past week just haven’t met the mark.

That said, I’m assuming that more websites will definitely come on the market progressively over the next weeks, once everyone is back in the swing of things, post the festive season.

I must say though… how addictive is Flippa!

I can get lost for hours trawling through all the sites on sale, most of which don’t meet my criteria but then it’s a bit like any shopping really. You can spend a whole lot of time doing it even though you have something quite specific in mind. I’m confident I’ll have found just the thing to purchase by this time next week.

If you have a website you’d like to sell and want me to have a look at, please drop me a line to

Happy to explore that as an option with you…


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