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This is a great read, and typical of the quality stuff that comes from Tom Peters and his folk. Well worth the time invested in reading this piece… as always. Regardless of what you do, and how far down the entrepreneurial path you are, these 6 recommended tactics will do you justice should you chose to follow them…

This special edition of the Tom Peters Times contains contributions from around the Tom Peters Company team. We are collectively frustrated at the general air of negativity in the business news, so we decided to compile an extra TPTimes edition with personal stories, advice, and selected media clips to help sustain you through these testing times.

Visitors to the blog on know that Tom frequently recommends tactics for this most disruptive of eras. We have synthesized some of Tom’s most compelling messages into six pieces of “Advice for Tough Times.” Using this list as a template and an idea from Tom as introduction to each section, TPC-ers have added their contributions under the following headings:







We hope that our observations, insights, and stories will inform and inspire your own action agendas. Think of this as a smorgasbord of ideas! Enjoy! We’ve posted the text on our website, also, to give all our readers the chance to revisit this newsletter if you choose.

Madeleine McGrath
Managing Partner, UK

read on to get into the detail…

10 things I’ve learnt from travelling

I really like this top 10, and they still work equally well when travelling with children. This is my comment which I added to this post, in reponse to the question…”The best thing you’ve learnt while travelling?”

The best thing I’ve learnt about travelling?…has to involve children.

My life as a traveller can be split into two, pre-daughter and post-daughter. What I’ve learnt about that is this; they are equally as exciting and rewarding, they are also completely different.

I made a decision early on that my adventurous life was not going to cease just because a little bundle of joy made an unexpected entrance. She is now 11 years old and has been to more countries than I had been before she arrived! Well not quite, but close enough.

Do NOT stop travelling once you’re a parent. Experience the different ways the same people, the same places even, will react to you and little one, and love it all over again. Doors open for you (in more ways than one!) and bring out a richness in folk that you had no idea about.

Maybe you can’t go as often as you’re now financing two! but go anyway. All of you, and all of those you meet, are much better off for the experience.
Happy adventuring!

Deliver us from greed

This is a great little piece from Bernard Salt, for The Australian.
Well worth the read…

I AM reliably informed that in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings the first step is taking ownership of the problem.

In other words there is no chance of sobriety until there is an admission that “I am an alcoholic”.

The Catholic Church operates on a similar principle with regard to sinners. First you must confess and then repent your sins in order to have even half a chance of salvation. And what’s more, the penance paid is directly proportional to the scale of the sin. Small sins require less penance than big sins. (I sometimes wonder whether this scale needs to be reviewed, because some small transgressions today might be deemed “worth it”.)

I think the alcoholics and the Catholics have something to teach the Australian consumer during these trying times.

After a decade of access to easy credit and full employment, we have come to believe that we have a god-given right to spend regardless of the cost and regardless of the debt ultimately incurred. And in a rising employment market, who cares? Next year’s income will be greater than last year’s, so we can all handle just that little bit more debt.

But now with an economic firestorm bearing down upon us, we are suddenly in a very different mood. “Please save us from our credit card debt and lead us not into temptation but deliver us along the path of righteousness and unto eternal solvency.”

Just as alcoholics anonymous have a 12-step plan and Christians have the Ten Commandments to keep them on the straight and narrow, I think wayward consumers could do with is a step-plan leading to fiscal salvation. But I must warn you that such a path is difficult and is lined with temptation and with the empty promises of false profits.

Mark my words, Australian consumers, the likes of Harvey Norman will forever tempt thee with crazy never-to-be-repeated prices on the latest McMansion appliances. Are you prepared to stand fast amid such wanton discounting? If so, then you just might be ready to take on my eight-point plan towards a life of lesser consumption. Or at least it was eight points, but I managed to get the same value out of six points. See how easy this thinking is.

No1: Make the shift to generic brands.
No2: Replace the overseas holiday with a cheaper domestic version.
No3: Ask yourself every day what choice you made to conserve cash that you might not have made last year.
No4: Postpone discretionary consumer spending.
No5: Why stop at postponing discretionary consumer spending? Postpone capital investment.
No6: Cancel your reservation at that glamorous restaurant down on the waterfront.
Read on for detail around each step

You will appreciate that my six-point plan to fiscal salvation might be regarded as seditious by the Australian Government because it fails to promote spending. But here’s my defence. I think this is likely to happen anyway. It might be crudely summarised as the “flight to value” and it will surely surface in every aspect of consumer behaviour by the middle of this year. Oh, and apparently shoes can be worn until they wear out. Extraordinary.

aCE talentNET AdvantEdge – gain YOUR own…to do to make yourself more marketable

What we know is that if you want to get more work, all you have to do is ask your clients what they want… and they’ll tell you accurately because THEY ARE the EXPERTS. Another way we put this, is “you are NOT your client”. So frankly, what YOU think, doesn’t count.

Bowing to our own learning, and as you will have seen at the end of 2008, we recently surveyed the NETwork.
Here’s a little of what you told us you wanted from aCE talentNET (full report due soon)…

82.1% said you want to develop a clearer Marketing
and Growth strategy
60.8% said you want to flatten peaks and troughs of workflow
61.9% said you want find client projects
51.6% said you want to build a business
48.4% said you want get more work
55.8% said you want to increase referrals by spending
more time with clients
73.7% said you want live the consultant life you envisaged & have more control

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The Worlds Greatest Business Mind

I couldn’t believe it when I spotted you on the news last night. Well done – it was a great story.

In case you didn’t catch it you’ll be pleased to know I recorded it. You can view it here:

Congratulations again.

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