What we know is that if you want to get more work, all you have to do is ask your clients what they want… and they’ll tell you accurately because THEY ARE the EXPERTS. Another way we put this, is “you are NOT your client”. So frankly, what YOU think, doesn’t count.

Bowing to our own learning, and as you will have seen at the end of 2008, we recently surveyed the NETwork.
Here’s a little of what you told us you wanted from aCE talentNET (full report due soon)…

82.1% said you want to develop a clearer Marketing
and Growth strategy
60.8% said you want to flatten peaks and troughs of workflow
61.9% said you want find client projects
51.6% said you want to build a business
48.4% said you want get more work
55.8% said you want to increase referrals by spending
more time with clients
73.7% said you want live the consultant life you envisaged & have more control

Given that our commitment to you is to deliver on your wants, needs, desires and frustrations, we’ve got some pretty special things planned… commencing March, with our first Talent Tuesday of the year – “Selling YOUR ConsultingMasterclass with Elliot Epstein, commonly known for ‘getting people to the next level’… fast. Read on for more details…

Talent Tuesday
Is 2009 going to be kind to you?

Invest in your most important assets – Your people!

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