I really like this top 10, and they still work equally well when travelling with children. This is my comment which I added to this post, in reponse to the question…”The best thing you’ve learnt while travelling?”

The best thing I’ve learnt about travelling?…has to involve children.

My life as a traveller can be split into two, pre-daughter and post-daughter. What I’ve learnt about that is this; they are equally as exciting and rewarding, they are also completely different.

I made a decision early on that my adventurous life was not going to cease just because a little bundle of joy made an unexpected entrance. She is now 11 years old and has been to more countries than I had been before she arrived! Well not quite, but close enough.

Do NOT stop travelling once you’re a parent. Experience the different ways the same people, the same places even, will react to you and little one, and love it all over again. Doors open for you (in more ways than one!) and bring out a richness in folk that you had no idea about.

Maybe you can’t go as often as you’re now financing two! but go anyway. All of you, and all of those you meet, are much better off for the experience.
Happy adventuring!

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