This is a great read, and typical of the quality stuff that comes from Tom Peters and his folk. Well worth the time invested in reading this piece… as always. Regardless of what you do, and how far down the entrepreneurial path you are, these 6 recommended tactics will do you justice should you chose to follow them…

This special edition of the Tom Peters Times contains contributions from around the Tom Peters Company team. We are collectively frustrated at the general air of negativity in the business news, so we decided to compile an extra TPTimes edition with personal stories, advice, and selected media clips to help sustain you through these testing times.

Visitors to the blog on know that Tom frequently recommends tactics for this most disruptive of eras. We have synthesized some of Tom’s most compelling messages into six pieces of “Advice for Tough Times.” Using this list as a template and an idea from Tom as introduction to each section, TPC-ers have added their contributions under the following headings:







We hope that our observations, insights, and stories will inform and inspire your own action agendas. Think of this as a smorgasbord of ideas! Enjoy! We’ve posted the text on our website, also, to give all our readers the chance to revisit this newsletter if you choose.

Madeleine McGrath
Managing Partner, UK

read on to get into the detail…

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