The HUMAN Brand: How We Relate to People, Products and Companies…


“Social psychologists have determined that primitive humans, in their struggle for existence, developed the ability to judge other people almost instantly along two categories of perception, which are known as warmth and competence. In fact, all humans have a primal, unconscious ability to make these two crucial judgments with a high degree of speed and accuracy: What are the intentions of this person toward me? And how capable are they of carrying out those intentions? […]

We apply these warmth and competence judgments in all our relationships, including those involving commercial transactions. Companies and brands have the same capacity to stir up these hard-wired primal passions as people do, and we engage with them on the same basis. We experience feelings of affection and admiration for companies and brands that treat us well, and we feel insult or even rage when we believe that one of those companies has given us poor service or cheated us. […]

Unfortunately, our studies show that most companies and brands fall well short of customer expectations on both warmth and competence. They are seen as selfish, greedy, and concerned only with their own immediate gain. The constant pressure for faster and larger profits raises the question of whether most of them can ever meet the standards for trust that we all unconsciously expect from everyone we interact with.”

By Chris Malone for

What Is It With The Word “Just”?

Based on a Networking Event last night and another this morning, why is that many Women Business Owners think so small? What is it with the word “just”?

“Just thought I’d start ______ and see how it goes.”
“Just trying ________ for the moment, you never know”
“Just me running ________ at present and hope to one day make it bigger”

Yes, they’ve all heard of “Start With The End In Mind” but quite honestly, does it really apply to them? Yet? But how?

Here’s the thing… do what Seth Godin suggests and DO it anyway, “Start the Journey Before you see the End”.

The Sellability Score report enables you to do “just” that. Think of it as a Business Plan in Reverse.



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