What Is It With The Word “Just”?

Based on a Networking Event last night and another this morning, why is that many Women Business Owners think so small? What is it with the word “just”?

“Just thought I’d start ______ and see how it goes.”
“Just trying ________ for the moment, you never know”
“Just me running ________ at present and hope to one day make it bigger”

Yes, they’ve all heard of “Start With The End In Mind” but quite honestly, does it really apply to them? Yet? But how?

Here’s the thing… do what Seth Godin suggests and DO it anyway, “Start the Journey Before you see the End”.

The Sellability Score report enables you to do “just” that. Think of it as a Business Plan in Reverse.



Motherhood or Business Ownership

After two meetings today and another phone call last Friday, the prospect of the motherhood and business ownership combination is causing some angst.

The main issue seems to be for those women business owners who are currently in business and are either planning to have a family soon or have just had their first.

They want to be able to have the combination work but just can’t seem to see how. The thought of having someone else brought in not look after their business is too much to bear. And, the thought of trying to run it full time as well as being the mother they want to be is just not fathomable.

So… what to do?

Sell it of course. That seems to be the answer. Then reality sets in. Has the business been set up as a asset, to run independently of the owner? Not in any of these 3 cases. So then what?

In the planning stage, this scenario can be sorted. It’s usually time and money that’s the prohibiting factor. When baby is already here, the mother wants the stress removed.

If only I had a chance to talk to them in the very early planning stages, to get all the planets aligned before embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood.

If you find yourself pondering similar thoughts, please talk to me…


Want to be your Own Boss? a Women Business Owner?

Business Life-Cycle

This time last year, the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI) conducted the first national survey of female business owners, featuring results from some 3000 women. I thought it opportune to revisit their findings as I suspect not too much has changed in 12 months…

  • Women own almost 40% of small businesses in Australia
  • there are more than 700,000 female-owned businesses
  • Women’s superannuation funds and income are lower
  • 24% of female business owners work 41-50 hours per week, 20% work up to 70 hours
  • 76% work Saturdays, 64% work Sundays
  • 17% have a turnover of $100,000-$250,000 per year
  • 71% are running their first business
  • 70% are providing a service
  • 52% do not pay themselves a market wage
  • 62% used social media in their business, mainly Facebook
  • 57% work with their spouse
  • 79% do not sell online
  • 47% work from home
  • 42% start with less than $5000

and my guess is that a large percentage of them are not building an asset to sell, nor are they considering an exit strategy.

Think I might address each one of these over the coming weeks as it seems we have a lot of work to do…

Struggle is the human condition; Hope is the human spirit…

“Just about everyone you come across today is going through some kind of struggle in their lives. Most people bear such a heavy burden, quietly and alone, so focused on making sure it looks like they have everything under control that they forget they don’t have to have it all under control, and they certainly don’t have to walk their road alone. That there is hope and help, if they would only look for it.

You’re probably going through a struggle right now, even as you read this.”

By Nate St. Pierre for ChangeThis.com

“The World Needs Female Entrepreneurs Now More Than Ever”…

Indeedy, it does!

The key point I’d like to point out in this fine article is this:

Becoming an Entrepreneur does not require
any shifts in corporate culture.

In fact, becoming a Business Owner does not require changing any societal norms at all. It does require however a distinct shift in your own internal thinking in combination with your family’s particular circumstances.

So… why not be opportunistic and bold in 2012, and become a “3%” member? (refer last post)

You can always tap into the entrepreneurial mothers group if you need support…


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