After two meetings today and another phone call last Friday, the prospect of the motherhood and business ownership combination is causing some angst.

The main issue seems to be for those women business owners who are currently in business and are either planning to have a family soon or have just had their first.

They want to be able to have the combination work but just can’t seem to see how. The thought of having someone else brought in not look after their business is too much to bear. And, the thought of trying to run it full time as well as being the mother they want to be is just not fathomable.

So… what to do?

Sell it of course. That seems to be the answer. Then reality sets in. Has the business been set up as a asset, to run independently of the owner? Not in any of these 3 cases. So then what?

In the planning stage, this scenario can be sorted. It’s usually time and money that’s the prohibiting factor. When baby is already here, the mother wants the stress removed.

If only I had a chance to talk to them in the very early planning stages, to get all the planets aligned before embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood.

If you find yourself pondering similar thoughts, please talk to me…


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