Does Your Business Make Money In Spite of Itself?


The more I talk to business owners, the more I realise that many of them don’t actually know how they make their money!

Let me rephrase that… they don’t really know how their customers/ clients have found them and why they keep coming back.

Do you find that bizarre?

Initially, my answer would also be yes. But I’ve come to realise that doing so is a work-ON-business exercise. Not one that is done on a day-to-day basis. Of course, if you don’t give yourself work-ON-business time, how are you ever going to discover what your market is telling you?

Time to set aside Friday work-ON-business afternoons I think.
What about you?


Business Book Club…

Seth Godin's latest

Seth Godin’s – Poke the Box

I’ve just returned from my every 6-week Book Club soiree. We have a lovely time catching up with each other and discussing the books. Some of which we’ve loved and others not so but nevertheless, much discussion and sometimes debate ensues. And we all learn about little bit more about ourselves and the world around us as a result.

That got me thinking on the way home… why don’t we have a Business Book Club. I’d be happy to run it. Can do it via webinar so no need to leave home. I’m convinced a whole lot of learning about the businesses we are building would take place, both at an individual level and the greater good we are trying to impact.

What do you think?

If you’re interested, email me on and lets get it started… Never enough book reading and learning in the world I say!


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