I mean really. What does building a database mean to your business?
If it’s only about adding names to a spreadsheet and saying there’s a large number, that’s not enough.
It has to be about the level of engagement with the client/customer that you’re adding to the list.

Add as many names and contact details as you like.
But the value is actually in the relationship you build with these people.

Do you engage with them?
Do you touch base with them on a regular basis?
Do they come back to you and buy? comment? ask questions?

If they don’t, then having a list of people only is not enough… you’ve got work to do.

Building a database of quality is in the engagement, the care factor that is demonstrated from yourself and your client.

Working out what to do is about knowing your customers intimately.
If you don’t, then it’s time to get up close and personal.
But don’t rush them. You don’t want to frighten them off if what you’re about to do consistently hasn’t happened before.

Slowly but surely is the key…


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