you can’t WIN unless you first begin, so START now…

Continuing on from last weeks post…
Organising your thoughts first and then your business…
Right Thinking leads to Right Actions
First we THINK about what we want to do.
Having thought it, we must DO it. To that end…
1. Create a story about your business
Your story should be an idealised version, a vision of what the preeminent in your field should be and why. Your story must become the very heart of your business. It must become the spirit that mobilises it, as well as everyone who works for it, buys from it, sells to it and lend to it.
2. Organise your business so that it breathes Life into your Story
Unless your business can faithfully replicate your story-in-action it all becomes fiction.
  • identify the key functions of your business
  • identify the essential processes that link those functions
  • identify the results you have determined your business will produce
  • clearly state in writing how each phase will work
  • take it step-by-step
3. Engage your people in the process
“What do I want?” becomes the first question; not, “What do they want?”
Be clear with yourself. And if it’s only you, then so be it!
It’s important to know:
a) exactly what you want?
b) how you intend to proceed?
c) whats important to you and what isn’t?
d) what you want the business to be, how you want it to act, and where you want it to go?
The story is paramount, because it is your Vision.
You must Love your Story for it to become a reality.
Tell stories that come to Life in the form of the business.

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