This business is part of a successful national network operating in all key markets, providing professional carers for Aged, Child and Family Care. The brand is well established and regarded within the industry. 

The Melbourne Franchise was started in the 1980s, and is on one of the top performing business within the network.

The business provides both live-in as well as visiting carers who are able to deliver:

• Domestic Housekeeping
• Qualified Child Carer
• Supervised Contact Visits
• Care by Nannies
• In-Home Nursing
• Care for the Elderly
• Garden and Home Maintenance
• Concierge Services
• Pet Care
• Caretaking
• Assistance with Home & Corporate Functions

All carers are put through one of the most rigorous and professional screening processes available in the market today to ensure client protection. Coordinators with years of experience carefully select carer’s with skills that match the client’s specific requirements.

This business offers a unique opportunity as:
• Well regarded brand within a growth industry
• Diverse client base including individuals, non-profit organisations, corporate and local councils
• A team of trained employees
• Extensive database of carers
• Training and assistance available from head office

The growing number of time-poor double income families and Australia’s ageing population will ensure there is plenty of opportunity for further growth.

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