How Sellable is My Business?

Isn’t this a most timely question… How Sellable is MY Business?  And my colleague, Choon Ng,  is conducting a Webinar on this very subject!

So you might want to tune in…

He will guide you through issues such as:-

  • What are the Exit Options available to most business owners?
  • When is the Best time to Exit?
  • How to determine what your business is REALLY worth?
  • Strategies and Tactics to enhance the value of your business.
  • The Deal Breakers That Can be Avoided when preparing your business for sale.
  • How to look beyond the obvious when you think of succession/exit options.

If you’re contemplating selling any time soon, now’s the time to find out what you need to know.

To register, click here

Choon is the senior partner at Hurst Partners and is an active Business Broker and Registered Business Valuer (Australian Institute of Business Brokers). In his 8 years working extensively with business owners of small to medium size businesses, he has seen all kinds of businesses… good and bad.

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