Denise Hall talking Why Start with the End in Mind on by Denise Hall on Mixcloud

The most important place to commence to “start with the end in mind” is “Why”…
Why did you go down the path of setting up your business?
For what purpose does it serve?
Why do you now want to move on?
Why should a buyer be interested in taking this off your hands?

With any “why”, there has to be two parts…
a) why the world is a better place as a result of doing business with you (the external driver of the business)
b) why you set up your business the way you did (the internal driver)

If your solo reason for setting up your business was so that you had more flexibility over your working hours for example, then that would not be nearly as attractive as say, solving world hunger at the same time (assuming that was the market the buyer is in).

Emphasis on the personal only ie “b)” is interesting in terms of your history but it only forms part of the story. It’s imperative that there is a larger story at play at the same time, so that the attraction to the business from the external continues whether you are part of the mix or not.

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