5 Ideas for Pinterest Boards That Can Help Build Your Brand; got Business Accounts now…

As a growing number of consumers jump on the Pinterest bandwagon, the opportunities to use the social-media site for business have grown exponentially.

Pinterest recently launched business accounts, allowing users to define their accounts as businesses or brands, and the possibilities for using the site to promote your business, book or product are becoming significant.

If you’re interested in getting started on Pinterest, but don’t know where to begin, consider the following ideas for boards that can help build your brand… click here


Wealth by Marketing… what an entrepreneurial way to do it!

A quick one today…

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The Single Greatest Marketing Tool

It’s called public relations. Here’s how to get the most out of it.
By Lisa LaMotta

Any entrepreneur can run a snazzy advertising campaign, if he or she is willing to pay for it. The trick is to get that kind of exposure without breaking the bank.

Such is the allure of “public relations”–the discipline of shedding a benevolent light on a person, company or cause, mainly by tapping the news media. The press is a powerful force: Clearly, Amazon.com and Google offer great services, but appearing in some 13,000 news articles around the world in the last 30 days helps get the word out too. And depending on the outlet and nature of the story, PR offers a potentially huge benefit that advertising does not: third-party approval.

Read all about it, or better still, see the summary in pictures!

What great, and cost effective, PR tips do you have?
Try these and let me know how you go…

Harry Potter and The Prisoners of Business

Harry Potter and The Prisoners of Business

JK Rowling

by Leon Gettler

The release of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, nicely timed with the release of the fifth Harry Potter movie, has been an extraordinary business phenomenon.

Extraordinary because the publishers and booksellers have not done that well. As research out of Emory University in Atlanta suggests, it has exposed weaknesses in the publishing industry but it might also illustrate new trends that are reshaping business. The effect is magic.

Marketing professors and sociologists say it highlights how innovations now spread through word of mouth, instant messaging and web sites. The book sales have also been driven by huge booksellers like Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Waterstones.

Just as importantly, it has a launched a new young adult novel niche written for and about the Millenials, the people born since 1982.

Also, we are starting to see some of the viral marketing techniques used to spread the buzz about Harry Potter being adopted by other businesses. Even politicians. Think of the way John Howard and Kevin Rudd are using the Internet to win voters’ hearts and minds.

Harry Potter could be more than just a huge brand. It might be a taste of the future.

Read on…

What lessons can we draw from the Harry Potter phenomenon?
Did the viral marketing work for you?
What can businesses do to replicate the success?

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