#TEMpting: Online Eco Kids Boutique and Blog to BUY…


This online boutique offers children’s products made by manufacturers committed to earth-friendly practices. Clothing made from organic materials, skincare that is chemical and preservative free, toys made from natural, sustainable sources, bottles and dishware that do not contain hormone-disrupting toxins such as BPA.

Not only is the focus on the products sold, but also the stories behind them. Special care is taken to source items from inspiring makers in Australia and abroad who are designing, innovating and creating fabulous green products, all while adhering to fair trade principles and using sustainable packaging options.

For those making an effort to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, the blog is a valuable resource. It provides news on interesting new products and the latest information on green issues from trusted sources around the world. The newsletter also shares eco-fabulous finds for kids as well as exclusive sales news and giveaways.

The owner has always tried to live a healthy lifestyle and be a conscious consumer. Then when becoming a parent, more attention was paid to the choices made about everything, including eating organic foods, trying to eliminate exposure to toxins and also cut back on the contribution to the local landfill, from food to toys, clothing and bath products. Every decision was given greater consideration, hence the product range for this particular offering in the marketplace.

Expected Price Range: $60,000 to $90,000 (plus stock at cost)

#TEMpting: Online Baby Boutique to Buy…

baby shower giftsThis online boutique store is full of quality products and beautiful gifts for all of the babies and toddlers. Newborn gifts, the perfect baby shower gifts, 1st birthday or just because…what ever the occasion, here you will find the perfect products in store.

The business sources, selects, packages and distributes a beautiful range of quality products that have been tried and tested. The offer is promoted along the lines of having a personal shopper, doing all the legwork for the purchaser.

Together with the unique range of products on display, so is excellent customer service and the ease of shopping 24/7, from anywhere! Once a perfect gift is chosen, free gift-wrapping is offered as part of the service.

Given the level of interest to date and with time dedicated to it, the business has grown well but still allows for a lot of potential. In particular, it will add value as a bolt-on to an existing business in a similar niche or as a hobby/second income business for the sophisticated baby gift enthusiast.

ASKING PRICE: $100,000 (plus stock at cost)

Interested? email sell@theentrepreneurialmother.com.au

effortless e-commerce…

effortless e-commerce…


Springwise.com has uncovered another from their daily fix of entrepreneurial ideas…

Zlio — the ‘social commerce network’ that lets anyone set up their own web shop in a matter of minutes — just ranked in USD 4 million in funding from Mangrove Capital Partners, an early investor in Skype. So what have they been up to since featured in February? Two milestones were recently reached: 100,000 shops (from 35,000 in February) and 2.5 million visitors per month.

Shopbuilders now have over 3 million products to choose from, with sales handled by partners like Barnes & Nobles, which recently signed up as a merchant. Participating minipreneurs are earning up to USD 750 per month in commissions, by carefully selecting products, tweaking their shop’s design and promoting it everywhere they can. Shops focus on niches from Birkenstocks to Great British TV, and Gifts Under $20 to Everything Elvis.

Some users have started operating multiple boutiques, cross-promoting and buying AdWords to drive traffic to their ZlioShops. Bloggers place widgets on their websites featuring products that appeal to their audience. As explained by a shopkeeper who blogs about mediaeval re-enactments: “Instead of being an affiliate marketer for 15 different sites, and having multiple competing ad blocks on my page, I can just select the products I want to promote regardless of the store of origin. Saves me lots of time in signing up, getting approved and designing ads from the many different websites offering affiliate marketing programs.”

As both merchants and consumers become more familiar with this type of commerce, there’s room for other players in this field, especially in countries that aren’t yet covered by Zlio — Asian and South-American contenders to follow soon?

watch this space!…

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