As featured on the Australian Businesswomens Network… Start with the End in Mind TODAY…

OK… so you’ve got through the festive season, and all went (or not).
Now it’s time to dream about the year to come, and what you want to do with your Mother of a Business. This link is as good a place as any to start… enjoy.

Good Luck!

Disciplined Dreaming: How to Build Your Creativity Mojo

By Josh Linkner for

I developed the Disciplined Dreaming system to give creativity its own place and practice, to provide everyone in the organization a structure for developing their own creative ideas, and to bring creativity back to the heart of business—where it belongs.

Disciplined Dreaming isn’t a stifling, rigid “innovation process”, but an open system. It provides a strong and flexible framework that frees individuals and organizations to improvise and explore—and, in the process, develop their creative chops. The ideas, processes, and practices of Disciplined Dreaming will help you build your chops by expanding your creative capacity and targeting your creative energy… read on

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