A Website Does NOT an Online Strategy Make…

HomeButtonAnother day, another conversation with a Business Owner who thinks that having a website covers off the Online Strategy question…


A website forms part of an Online Strategy, absolutely.
But is it not the be-all that ends-all.
In fact it is only a small part of the overall digital consideration.

From a “Sale-ability” point of view, when asked about what digital | online strategies are in place, if “I’ve got a website” is offered as the answer, the potential buyer will start rubbing their hands together in glee (if it’s a business they want that is).

Why? Because it gives them an issue on which to start down a sale price-discounting path.

Do you have to cover off every little thing to appeal to a potential buyer?
Well ideally, yes, but we know that’s not necessarily doable.

However, given the growing impact and importance of the whole digital | online space, “what is your Online Strategy?” is one question Business Owners looking to sell have to have a well-formulated and accurate response for.


If you are in Professional Services, Don’t Forget your #OnlineStrategy (especially if you want to Sell)


What many professional services firms are forgetting… being complacent and not moving with times make it almost impossible to Sell your Business. But then you knew that, right?

Professional services firms are known as the “safest” b2b marketers, only second behind that of the medical industry.

Still stuck in the dark ages, many professional services firms still believe that ‘good work speaks for itself’and “you need to find the clients pain” ensuring that they keep it “safe” when embarking on marketing of any kind, rather than looking deep into customer insights to drive leads and create more sustainable client relationships.

What professional services firms are forgetting is that while they may still be on track to achieving their sales goals, being complacent and not moving with the times, will make it almost impossible to stay competitive.

It use to be that you hire the law firm that your parents used or a trusted friend recommended and that was it. No price comparison, no searching for other options and no real negotiation.Content Driven Professional Services Marketing


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