How to Make the “Sale of MY Business” Decision…..

Not sure there is an actual answer to this, after all that! So why ask the question?

Because it needs to be explored…

This is such a personal decision. For all micro, even SME business owners, the answer has to be one that addresses

  • the timing,
  • the finances,
  • the energy levels,
  • the partnership situation,
  • the family situation
  • the other iterations
  • etc etc
  • at any given point in time.

    Exploring this question is more than just talking to your accountant. The answer is as much about YOU; backing yourself to be brave enough to let this business go and move onto your next add-venture!

    Having access to someone who has done what you want to do is a major advantage.

    Be sure to seek them out…


    What Business Can Learn from Pirates…

    a great little article from The Economist

    …smaller, nimble competitors make stealth attacks on larger rivals is a well-known phenomenon. Nonetheless, the way that larger companies can defend themselves against attack is a matter of much debate. Professor James says that the key is to quicken decision making. In his analogy, by the time the captain of an oil tanker has spotted the pirates’ inflatables it is too late; big ships take a long time to turn around. Similarly, once a large business has gone through the traditional process of observing an attack, orientating itself, deciding what to do about it and then acting (what Colonel John Boyd, an American military strategist, called an OODA loop) it is too late, the competition is upon it…
    read on

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