2023 May PRESENTATION – Business Sales Market Update – CPA SMEs

Presented to the CPA SME’s Discussion Group in-person and via Zoom at the CPA Headquarters in Southbank. The discussion centred mainly around:

  • An update on the State of the Market as of today and adaptable trends
  • How 24 months of the pandemic continues to impact Selling a Business
  • Seller and Buyer inquiries and feedback
  • Examples of recent noteworthy transactions
  • Q&A, where the questions regarding the business-sale and business-buy process were asked… and answered based on what we at Xcllusive Business Sales are seeing on a daily basis.

As always, this made for interesting discussion…especially about where value actually resides in a business and the role of Accountants in conducting valuations, both in terms of having access to realistic comparable sales data, and specific insurance implications.


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