mining for gold

Following on from last weeks post, “when you can’t find the Gold for the stuff…”, the team at the Sellability Score wrote this around the same time… clearly on to something here…

If you’re not going to get paid for parts of your business that are just okay, why bother sticking with them? Aren’t they just noise adding little value to your company? Why not, as Fried has done, focus your energy on the one product where you already have a winner. Invest your resources in staying ahead of competitors rather than spreading yourself too thin. If you get busy playing catch-up with me-too products, an acquirer may view them as a liability rather than an asset.

[Read the full article here]

Even if you do want to run multiple channels, so be it, but set them up quite independently. That way, each can be hived off as necessary. As you know having all your eggs in one basket is not necessarily the smartest way to structure. That said though, as long as each element is standalone, which can be bolted together or separated out as required, all is still doable.

When talking about a strategic buyer, (as I did recently), they

…will look at the same business and strip away the average products before making an offer based on what the best product(s) is worth in their hands. If the winning product is a small part of a diversified company’s revenue, the owner may be disappointed by how low the offer is… 

Do you have winners? How are you structured to make full use of them?

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