Of late, I’ve had quite a few website owners come to me saying they want to sell… excellent. But (following on from yesterdays post), when asked to “prove” what they’re telling me, they go very very quiet. So what’s going on?

Whether it be a business or a website, you still need to answer these questions:

  • have you been able to make a go of your Business/website?
  • Is your business/website making a profit?
  • How does your Business/website make money?

Just because it’s a website does not make the answers to these questions any less important.

Having a website for sale implies similar criteria is being taken care of, as is for a business ie::

o    a database of clients/customers
o    systems in place (which may be technology driven)
o    Google presence
o    looked after its position
o    growth potential
o    automated, so it’s not reliant solely on the owner
o    numbers that make sense and can be verified
o    measurable ways of indicating how all of the above makes profit!
o    assuming all goes ahead, options on how to make the sale happen

Bottomline = how can you prove what you are claiming?

Selling a website is no different from selling a business really.
It’s not called an Online Business for nothing!

The business model may be what’s different but the fundamentals still apply…


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