As wanted to keep things straightforward and hands-on this month, they’re highlighting “FUNCTIONALL“. Which is all about a new breed of products that are simple, small and/or cheap (with a dash of sustainability), giving them global appeal, from India to Sweden. Now, if that doesn’t warrant a brainstorming session…

FUNCTIONALL | Captures the phenomenon of simple, small and/or cheap products and services designed for low(er)-income consumers in emerging markets, with cross-over appeal to consumers in mature consumer societies.

Goods and services especially designed for emerging markets often incorporate one or more of the following characteristics:

* Smaller and/or limited number of features, to keep prices low.
* Simpler, or easier to use, for inexperienced consumers.
* Energy efficient (or not using any traditional energies at all) and/or easy to repair and/or waste-reducing.
* Robust, as some of them are used in rugged conditions.
* Well-designed (the democratization of design is a global phenomenon).
* Aimed at helping owners to generate income, or allow users to create self-sustaining systems.

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Authentic Communication…YES please

The Best Communicator in the World
by Jon Wortmann for

If you feel shy, nervous, or afraid, you’re not crazy, you’re not alone, and today is the day you stop letting ugly communication damage your relationships. Authentic communication can become as natural as breathing – when you pay attention to a few essential aspects of what connects people.
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The Myth of Overnight Success…

by Barrie Bergman for

Personally, I’ve never met an overnight success. I’ve met people who’ve done something well for a long time and were suddenly discovered. Then everyone assumed they came out of nowhere, that their fame happened overnight.

But the real truth is that it takes a long time to be an overnight success.
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Couldn’t have said it better myself! enjoy

TEMplate – Happy News Year….

time to make this absolutely true

remember what you promised yourself in 2000?
it’s been 10 long years now… have you done it? if not,
are you ready to take on your 2010 challenge, with help this time…
I know I am…

You know the feeling; a sense of starting a new year synchronicity in
the air, with both your heart and your intuition wanting to work in
unison to bring the right clues, at the right time.
It’s where they are both on the same page, instead of your heart telling you one thing and your instincts another, that you know you need to trust and go with the flow.

Then someone like the entrepreneurial mother comes into your frame; providing the focus and light initially, slowly developing the picture preparing you to snap into the next shot…

My gift (and New Year pledge) to you is that together;
we work out what makes you GLOW
we work on how to make it GROW
and when ready, we work out how to GO

January 2010; this conversation has now commenced…
the entrepreneurial mother mentoring program is at the developers
want to know what I know? do what I do? yes you can?
are you ready?

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