budding entrepreneurs are willing to give it a crack

“INsolvencies soar” TheAge reports this morning… same story, my headline reads “More budding entrepreneurs are willing to give it a crack!”… which do you prefer?

Poor strategic management, insufficient cash flow and trading losses are among the most common reasons why companies fail, and in most cases, unsecured creditors receive less than 10 in the dollar back, statistics from the corporate regulator indicate.

The figures suggest that the vast majority of failed companies have fewer than 200 employees, almost 65% of them have less than five staff members, and that more failures occur in the construction, business services and retail industries.

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What this article has not included is how many companies have registered over the same period…
in 2008 alone, 9730 registered in January with it registrations “soaring” to 13789 in May.
go to ASIC

So yes, there has been a marked increase in insolvencies, which in turn relates to a marked increase in registrations. It could easily be translated that more and more people are giving themselves a chance to make it in business, with a percentage not being successful (this time!)

No reason to stop doing it though is there?…

Sex and the City

Yes… I went and saw the movie last night… and you know what?
I really enjoyed it.

I must admit, I was one who used to look forward to my weekly session with the ladies, and do kind of miss them. Last nights movie reminded me why… with all their made for the screen persona’s, they are all so delightfully flawed, and these flaws are not hidden. Which is why I think we enjoy living vicariously through them, and if not that, then at least we take a little time out to reflect on our own lot… well I do/did anyway.

And my lot is fine I’m happy to report!
Are there things I would change?… yes
Are there things I would want to improve on?… yes
Are there decisions which need to be made?… yes
But then I think they’re always there really. It’s just that its so easy to keep doing what we do and not really take the time out for reflection. So this year, even though I do my annual navel gazing, I am doing it mid-year as well.

Certainly from a business point of view, there are a number of changes I will/want to make. And I will record my journey via this blog so I have a record of where I started, and where I’m heading. And will do so as I go… be useful for the end of year “review” too.

As for personal, that needs an overhaul too.
Not sure I’ll share that so much, but where there is something pertinent, I’m sure it will end up here…

It’s all about action

Justin Herald reminds us…

Whilst it would be great if we all woke up one day, decided to achieve our financial goals, reach them and then went on with our lives operating on our new financial level, but realistically the chances of that are fairly slim.

So why is that?
Why do some people continually struggle to get to where they want?
Is it because they just don’t have what it takes?
Is it because financial prosperity is only for a select few?
Why is it?

Creating a better financial position for your life is much more about who you actually are as a person, what your belief systems are, and the value you place on the other areas of your life outside of your finances. Read on…

Ain’t that the truth!
Interestingly enough I have spent the last few weeks being introduced to stuff (that I have now worked out) will assist me on my journey. Didn’t know it at the time as they were presented individually and from completely non-related sources. However it has since dawned on me that the “answers” I have been looking for in terms of what to do next, and what the next 2 years might look like, have materialised and how very exciting that is…

Having now given some thought to the plan, and spending some time over the next weeks tweaking that into a workable arrangement, it will most definitely help me address current and future beliefs, and help me set up the life I intend to have outside of my finances.

I look forward to getting started…
and I will share my journey as I go so feel free to make comment, and/or participate yourself…

Education as Travel; Travel as Education

OzSee; OzDo; OzLearn
“education as travel, travel as education”…

Improvements in business partnership arrangements between Indigenous enterprises and Australian corporates could significantly enhance the economic development of Indigenous communities, particularly those in remote areas. This desire to enrich the relationships in communities by encouraging a strong role for new organisations and approaches is a major opportunity for Australia.
(Australia 2020 Summit report)

As members of the SolvePoverty Group Alliance, OzSee and Reho Travel wish to bring together a network of multicultural, multi-age student entrepreneurs around Australia.

In response to the Australia 2020 Summit, this is about empowering students to find ways to creatively respond to opportunities in the indigenous communities, by introducing them to the communities in the first instance.

Link thousands of young Australians to communities through support for school twinning, exchange programs, mentoring, in country and community-based learning programs.
(Australia 2020 Summit report)

By partnering with Reho Travel to conduct a pilot familiarisation tour of outback Australia by a multi-cultural, multi-age group of students selected from school and Universities around the country.

The selected students will form the founder group of an expanding Australia-wide network of youth entrepreneurs, with the first step being to get a snapshot of what it is we need to be thinking about…

And for the communities, they benefit economically by getting access to, and introducing visitors to our unique country.

Following the historic and significant apology, a new national dialogue is required. This new form of engagement will shape Australia’s global identity, securing a place for Aboriginal culture and identity in the Australian story.
(Australia 2020 Summit report)

So think about putting students school holidays to good use,
(and in some instances, even relieving us parents of the need to know what to do over the school holidays!)…

Go to http://www.rehotravel.com/ozsee, read all about it and secure your place

P.S. Ongoing tours will be approx. 10 days (and dates can be moved to fit in with your school holidays) so if you want input into what the tours should look like, then please do reply and tell me all about your views?

PPS If you have friends or family or students who are interested in this, you will need to act fast.

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