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“education as travel, travel as education”…

Improvements in business partnership arrangements between Indigenous enterprises and Australian corporates could significantly enhance the economic development of Indigenous communities, particularly those in remote areas. This desire to enrich the relationships in communities by encouraging a strong role for new organisations and approaches is a major opportunity for Australia.
(Australia 2020 Summit report)

As members of the SolvePoverty Group Alliance, OzSee and Reho Travel wish to bring together a network of multicultural, multi-age student entrepreneurs around Australia.

In response to the Australia 2020 Summit, this is about empowering students to find ways to creatively respond to opportunities in the indigenous communities, by introducing them to the communities in the first instance.

Link thousands of young Australians to communities through support for school twinning, exchange programs, mentoring, in country and community-based learning programs.
(Australia 2020 Summit report)

By partnering with Reho Travel to conduct a pilot familiarisation tour of outback Australia by a multi-cultural, multi-age group of students selected from school and Universities around the country.

The selected students will form the founder group of an expanding Australia-wide network of youth entrepreneurs, with the first step being to get a snapshot of what it is we need to be thinking about…

And for the communities, they benefit economically by getting access to, and introducing visitors to our unique country.

Following the historic and significant apology, a new national dialogue is required. This new form of engagement will shape Australia’s global identity, securing a place for Aboriginal culture and identity in the Australian story.
(Australia 2020 Summit report)

So think about putting students school holidays to good use,
(and in some instances, even relieving us parents of the need to know what to do over the school holidays!)…

Go to http://www.rehotravel.com/ozsee, read all about it and secure your place

P.S. Ongoing tours will be approx. 10 days (and dates can be moved to fit in with your school holidays) so if you want input into what the tours should look like, then please do reply and tell me all about your views?

PPS If you have friends or family or students who are interested in this, you will need to act fast.

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