Yes… I went and saw the movie last night… and you know what?
I really enjoyed it.

I must admit, I was one who used to look forward to my weekly session with the ladies, and do kind of miss them. Last nights movie reminded me why… with all their made for the screen persona’s, they are all so delightfully flawed, and these flaws are not hidden. Which is why I think we enjoy living vicariously through them, and if not that, then at least we take a little time out to reflect on our own lot… well I do/did anyway.

And my lot is fine I’m happy to report!
Are there things I would change?… yes
Are there things I would want to improve on?… yes
Are there decisions which need to be made?… yes
But then I think they’re always there really. It’s just that its so easy to keep doing what we do and not really take the time out for reflection. So this year, even though I do my annual navel gazing, I am doing it mid-year as well.

Certainly from a business point of view, there are a number of changes I will/want to make. And I will record my journey via this blog so I have a record of where I started, and where I’m heading. And will do so as I go… be useful for the end of year “review” too.

As for personal, that needs an overhaul too.
Not sure I’ll share that so much, but where there is something pertinent, I’m sure it will end up here…

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