Today I had lunch with a friend of mine who is 9 months into a start-up. Man is she stressed. Jumping around from one activity to another and not doing any of them particularly well.

So we had the old “start with the end in mind” or as I like to say (thanks to Seth Godin) “start the journey before you see the end” chat, taking her back to basics (not that she’d ever been introduced to the basics!).

Using the eMyth as the base, we discussed the 4 departments that make up a business and her role within each of those areas. As with any start-up, this business owners organisational chart looks like the one pictured. No wonder she’s stressed!

The sooner she can spend some of her hard-made money on support, the sooner she can do the stuff she’s really good at, which in her case is the first two ie Marketing and Sales.

Getting the base right, from the outset, definitely helps management of the stress levels…


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