EXCEPTIONALL…the rise of new powerhouses in new brands

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With the entire world now battling it out in the consumer arena, the number of innovations aimed at consumers from Brazil to Belgium is staggering. Enjoy!

EXCEPTIONALL | “Exceptional B2C (business to consumer) innovations will increasingly come from all corners of the globe, with brands and talent from emerging markets in particular getting ready to shine.”

Now that virtually the entire world has joined the consumer arena, prepare for an avalanche of new brands, entrepreneurs and innovations from ‘emerging’ markets that will have global potential and appeal. From aggressive Chinese brands to Turkish creatives to Brazilian apparel, we’re seeing a sharp increase in world-class companies that can and will compete for consumers’ Dollars, Reais, Euros, Pounds, Rupees, Rands, or Liras.

Sure, the expansion of global markets creates new opportunities for existing well-known brands, but the real story of the rise of these new powerhouses is the new brands that are making waves, both within their domestic markets, but increasingly outside these, competing and even beating the established, entrenched incumbents at their own game. One thing’s for certain – the range of brands that consumers covet will be even more diverse in twenty, ten or even five years… read on

We Often Say YES Because We Want to Make Others Happy. Learn to Say NO…

Overcommitment: A Happiness Killer… we often say yes because we want to make others happy and are afraid to admit we aren’t superhuman. Learn to say no, advises Marshall Goldsmith for Bloomberg Businessweek…

What kills happiness? It’s usually a series of simple little things, like saying yes too much when you really should say no. There is a saying, “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.” This makes sense; if you are a busy person, you are obviously organized and practiced at delivering results. Beware: There’s a fine line between taking on a lot and taking on too much.

It’s easy to see how self-employed people fall for this happiness killer. Without the cushion of a steady paycheck, you fear that every opportunity will be your last payday. And in a faltering economy, this fear is even more intense. The result? You say yes to everything and find yourself unable to do it all.

To read the article in full, click here…

The Connector of the Dots behind the Harry Potter magic…

Connect the Dots

The 11Ps to Build a Mother of a Business

As reported in TheAge.com this morning… “thirteen years ago, David Heyman set out to buy the movie rights to an as-yet-unpublished novel aimed at young readers.”

The rest, as they say, is continued history in the making.

David Heyman also makes a number of comments that directly relate to being an entrepreneurial mother. Whilst what he talks about relates to all 11Ps, I’ll highlight a few to illustrate…

“I’m not the person designing the film. I’m not the director. As a producer my job is to question, challenge, nudge … but to always support the vision of the truly creative individuals whose talents are necessary to make these movies work – people much more capable in their fields than I would be.”

Exactly, just as it should be. Once you know what you are most strong at, stick with it. P2 Problem Solver; P6 Panoramic Picture; P8 passOUT

“When I bought the rights it was just a book I really liked,” he said. “I related to Harry and Ron and Hermione. I knew people like that, bands of outsiders who perhaps felt a bit out of place but formed a group for mutual support.”

The entrepreneurial mother® community works much the same way.

“I want to tell stories that move me. That’s the governing principle of any project I get involved in. It has to be a story I connect to, something that makes me laugh, cry, get angry … whatever.

“You see, it’s just too hard to get a film made. It takes years, and if you’re not committed it will wear you down. Facing all that adversity for all that time, you had better love what you’re doing.”

P1 Passion with Purpose; P3 Perseverance

“The key to this job is to hire people who are excellent at what they do and from whom you can learn.”

“I don’t think I could ever be an excellent director. But I think I can still become an excellent producer. That will happen by working with people who are so much better than I’ll ever be.”

It’s all about Connecting the Dots. Connect the right Dots and look what the potential can hold…
What more can I say.

eat, pray, love for the women entrepreneur and beyond…

I, for one, really got a lot out of the book “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I too enjoyed the movie. I also got much from her next book; “Committed”. Maybe Elizabeth Gilbert and I are at similar stages in life where what is resonating with her is also with me, in completely different contexts though. Her’s around a blossoming relationship, mine around a blossoming daughter. Nonetheless there is much crossover…

As there is for women entrepreneurs, wonderfully highlighted by Dr Susan L Reid in her article “Eat Pray Love for the Women Entrepreneur”. Well worth a read ladies…

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