…another gem by Ben Tiggelaar for ChangeThis.com

What does it take to go from Dream to Dare and, eventually, Do? What are the secrets of real and lasting change?

You know exactly how it feels: you are frustrated, angry and unhappy. It’s time to make that change. It’s time to improve your relationships, start your own business, get that promotion, lose that weight, get those abs tuned, stop smoking, see your friends more often, start saving for your kids education, start applying for a different job… etc,etc.

Good luck! You will need it, because the odds are against you.

Of all people who consciously start personal change, more than 80% will have returned to their old habits within two years. No wonder the world is filled with cynical people, that are still in the same job they have hated for over 10 years, still smoke 2 packs of cigarettes everyday and still spend too little time with their kids.

It’s time for change… keep reading!

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