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As I reflect back on the FY that was I am very proud of the stickability of the aCE talentNET business and our ability to handle a GFC that took most by surprise. Whilst Australia weathered this storm better than most, when in the business of HR and Learning & Development these are always areas of spend in a business that are the first to feel the pinch… many of our clients did indeed downsize or put projects on hold, but as I told many a consultant that phoned for a little reassurance during the leaner months, it’s not personal and our clients will be back with bigger and better projects, it just being a matter of time…. and so it was! So we say farewell to another financial year and sadly we’ve been too busy at aCE talentNET to have enjoyed many EOFYSs (end of financial year sales) !!!

We are extremely excited to announce to our Network that aCE talentNET has won another Government Tender… being appointed to the Panel of HR Service Providers for IP Australia. As soon as we finalise the contracting process, we are very much looking forward to working with our new client and appointed Consulting Team over the coming months. And yet more exciting news, was the opportunity for aCE and one of our Consultancy partners to be part of an emotional intelligence diagnostic tool trial with one of our MNC’s… so watch this space for one too! We are very positive about the start to the 2010-11 financial year and what this brings for the business of aCE talentNET, it’s clients and consulting network.

For any of you with specialist skills in Emergency Response Training make sure you respond to the iFindConsultants current tender opportunity.

So onwards and upwards… and remember we are now on the downward slide to summer warmth!

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