Interesting article in on Sunday… seems that the only option open to mothers is working in a part time job, together with all the associated costs and time constraints etc based around that choice… but as all entrepreneurial mothers know, a part time job is not the only choice, and nor will it pave your way in gold; there is another choice where such considerations do not warrant a second thought…

One of the questions at its heart is the affordability of work.

It’s a funny one – the government needs as many people as possible to work for as long as possible to raise money to run the country; most people need to work to raise money to run their household.

Despite these apparently complementary aims the government makes it difficult for many parents to work by paying them with one hand and taking back the money via taxes with another. It’s called churn and the Henry review will examine the problem.

The complicated relationship between taxes and family benefit payments becomes a problem when mothers go back to work. Most mums do, about the time their child turns one, and they go back part-time.
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The other choice…Don’t work, build a business; your own business.
It’s the only way you can work your designated hours, and leverage the dollars per hour you can make.
Once established, hire the mothers who do want part time work, to work for you!
Now there’s a plan.

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