Today, for the rest of the weekend, I have the good fortune of crewing at the latest Chris Howard Breakthrough to Success in Melbourne Australia. After attending last year, I have to say that it would be one of the best of these I’ve done. The ROI (return on investment) is there in spades. Fortunately I am in a position to not only recommend this… I am able to invite you, and invite you for FREE.

How’s that for being entrepreneurial!
Remember we only really have two things to invest… time and money.
And if you don’t have money, then that only leaves one!

Chris Howard has just been asked to present his Breakthrough to Success weekend to Richard Branson’s School for Entrepreneurs in South Africa this October! That’s how good it is…

Although these students are from impoverished backgrounds, many have graduated and together have subsequently generated $25m in revenue within the first year from their new businesses. The goal of the school is to eradicate poverty through education, and Nelson Mandela is a staunch supporter.

The members of the Billionaire Adventure Club heard this news recently, on the club’s first trip which was to Peru. Many BAC members have offered to support and crew at the South African Breakthrough to Success in October.

The team at Universal Events (who stage these events for Chris) are so excited that they are pledging 1% of total company revenue this financial year to the School for Entrepreneurs in South Africa. So if you attend any Christopher Howard courses with us during the next 12 months, then 1% of your course fee will go to support the school.

Now to Peru… The Billionaire Adventure Club members raised $9,000 to fund the development of the school in Peru. One day was spent laying bricks and plastering walls to build the school. Applaud all for the difference and contribution you are making to improving the lives of the people of Peru…

Now that’s something to tell your family and friends about!

Do you want to make a difference?
How can you help yourself and others to improve your lives?

Click on this invitation link to see the video which will assist you in having an understanding of what Breakthrough to Success is about and more importantly how it will benefit you.

Include the link above in your emails to all of your friends and family, so that they can decide if they would like to attend as well.

Invite your own guests to join you at Breakthrough to Success!

For more information about the event, or to enrol a friend at no charge, click here.

Enrol yourself now to avoid disappointment – seats are going fast and these events often sell out! Use the link to book yourself…
go on; you know you want to!!

Here are a few topics Chris will be sharing with you at the upcoming Breakthrough to Success weekend:

Take charge of your thoughts – take charge of your life today!
Improve your work habits and revolutionise the way you do business.
Eliminate overwhelm, procrastination and self-sabotage.
Uncover and resolve the limiting decision that has prevented you from achieving the health and fitness you deserve.
Attract and create the deeply loving and fulfilling relationships you desire.
Blast through inconsistencies in performance, and achieve the Next Generation competitive edge.
Be at one with who you are, and achieve inner peace.

Chris has an amazing weekend planned for you to achieve the level of clarity, passion and conviction to make your life an amazing adventure!

We look forward to seeing you at an event again soon and contributing to your success.

P.S. A pair of tickets to Breakthrough to Success is regularly valued at $1,790. However, this is my gift to you: experience this event, learn how to take charge of your thoughts and take a step towards living a rich and fulfilling life on your terms.

P.P.S. Remember that half of success is just showing up and taking action. Greater results and unstoppable momentum is available to you and your guests right now! All you have to do is decide and take immediate action!

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