What is anything worth? Easy: The amount of fear, pain and suffering you are willing to risk to get it.

But of course we know the math is infinitely more complicated–especially for those suffused with fear, greed and hubris that inevitably fog the equation.

The crisis on Wall Street, now coursing like a virus throughout the broader economy, is testament to our collective innumeracy when it comes to estimating risk. Complicating matters: a vast web of impenetrable financial contracts putatively designed to “absorb” risk (and reap billions in transaction fees) by sprinkling it throughout the entire financial system. Thanks to such securitization, thousands of people moved into homes they couldn’t afford. No cash? No worries–there’s plastic. And the band played on.

So the question remains: What’s worth the risk? In search of illumination, we asked a slew of strivers–entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes and show-business types–what they consider to have been the riskiest moves of their lives…read on

so… what risk are you prepared to take?
if you’ve not done the prework in terms of addressing what you would like life to look like, then that’s a little hard to answer… however
an answer is required nonetheless

some of what I do is deemed risky
“you can’t be serious!” is quite often the response
or the other…
“how did you even know you could do that?”

risk taking is like any other skill…it is a learned craft
the more you do, the better you get at it
you learn one step at a time
and when the first risk doesn’t work as well as planned, that is not the time to give up, that is the time to learn…
what happened? why did it happen? what can I do much better next time?

so… again I ask the same question, what risk(s) are you prepared to take?

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