productivity commission draft report into CHILDCARE…

the entrepreneurial mother

Further to yesterdays post, it just so happens that we, the public, can comment on this most important matter…

The Australian Productivity Commission has released a draft report into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning, and has invited the public to comment on it via written submission or by attending public hearings. Find out details here.

Inspiring Women and a Hidden Labour Market

At a time when many businesses complain of a shortage of good people… consider this; aCE talentNET is run entirely by entrepreneurial mothers.

The key to the success of this business is ‘workplace flexibility‘. Both clients’ and the human resources, learning & development or change management consultants aCE talentNET places, are flexible in role structure. Whilst salary is always important, of equal interest is flexibility towards working hours (i.e. school hours, or limited number of days per week etc) and work venue (agreement to work from home office).

They seek the challenges, stimulation and remuneration offered by work, but only if it is accompanied by a level of flexibility that allows them to raise a family or pursue other life goals.

What talent might you be missing out on by sticking to the traditional employment thinking? Could aCE’s success be evidence of an under recognised market of high-quality candidates?

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