How Resilient-Ready are You for 2012?

Tom Peters recently blogged about Flourish, the latest book by Martin Seligman, founder of the Positive Psychology Movement. Their research has shown that the building of personal strengths such as courage, optimism, work ethic, honesty and perseverance all have a positive effect on peoples’ mental wellbeing. The process of building a positive mindset is not trivial or easy, as evidenced by Seligman’s work with the US Army. However, if it piques your interest, why not try Seligman’s “Three Good Things” exercise? It sounds simple, but over time its effects can be profound.

Three Good Things Exercise

Each night before you go to sleep:

1. Think of three good things that happened today.

Anything from the most mundane to the most exalted works, as long as it seems to you like a good, positive, happy thing.

2. Write them down.

3. Reflect on why they happened.

Determining the “why” of the event is the most important part of the exercise, and can open up your mind to ways you can increase the positive experiences you have. For more information:

Adopting the Three Good Things habit will have personal and professional benefits. For many years, Tom has been encouraging leaders to focus on TGRs (Things Gone Right) as opposed to TGWs (Things Gone Wrong). Measure TGRs! Try discussing three TGRs at every meeting in 2012. It’s a great way to discover how to make TGRs happen more often…

… an excerpt from the latest Tom Peters Times… enjoy

The Happiness Pie recipe… Seasons Greetings

and a new home for “Adventures with Daughter”; but first…

I discovered this in a book I read recently, and really liked it.
Something to reflect on over the season to be jolly!

Happiness Pie Recipe
(from “Belly Dancers for Beginners” by Liz Byrski)

1 cup of Confidence
1 cup of Love
in a pan of Happiness
mix the above
add a pinch of Tenderness
1 tablespoon of Trust
stir well in the Sunshine
roll out a Loving crust
flour with Contentment
keep all free from strife
fill with Understanding
and bake well all your Life…

For 2011 and beyond, all “Adventures with Daughter” posts will have their own blog at Drop by at any time to catch up on our latest exploits around the world!

In the meantime though, top of the festive season to you and yours
ho ho ho

We Often Say YES Because We Want to Make Others Happy. Learn to Say NO…

Overcommitment: A Happiness Killer… we often say yes because we want to make others happy and are afraid to admit we aren’t superhuman. Learn to say no, advises Marshall Goldsmith for Bloomberg Businessweek…

What kills happiness? It’s usually a series of simple little things, like saying yes too much when you really should say no. There is a saying, “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.” This makes sense; if you are a busy person, you are obviously organized and practiced at delivering results. Beware: There’s a fine line between taking on a lot and taking on too much.

It’s easy to see how self-employed people fall for this happiness killer. Without the cushion of a steady paycheck, you fear that every opportunity will be your last payday. And in a faltering economy, this fear is even more intense. The result? You say yes to everything and find yourself unable to do it all.

To read the article in full, click here…

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