B2B Fair Business Breakfast, 7am start (blimey!)…

SunriseI mean seriously! As if my brain possibly functions at that early time, not to mention my body…

I can’t be the only one who thinks such an early start is a little ridiculous.  Yes, it is another way to squeeze more stuff into your already very full day but is it really necessary? I mean really necessary?

Nonetheless…what’s brought this on you may well ask? Tomorrow morning I’ve been invited to attend the B2B Fair Business Breakfast at The Edge in Federation Square. I could have said no, but you know, just sometimes that may not be the smart response to give. So by saying yes, I am now attending this event as part of the Victorian Fair Trade Festival.

I’m going to learn about why other progressive organisations choose to be a Fair Trade workplace. No doubt I will walk away with nuggets of worth. I am after all becoming increasingly interested in true “Social Enterprises”, one’s that are commercial viable like “Seven Women” (hence why I’m on the Management Committee).

No doubt all will be revealed, starting at 7am. And once I’m up, I’m sure all will be forgiven too. Wish me good health!

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